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Monday, June 27, 2011

110627 [News] Taemin’s Growth Blast Hot Topic

SHINee Taemin’s growth blast is now a hot topic.

On 26 June, KBS2 ‘Chulbal Dream Team Season 2′ aired the second round  of “With Asian Stars”, a project to support the 2011 Daegu IAAF World  Championships.

The Dream Team’s first player for the iron man pentathlon was
SHINee  Taemin. Taemin attracted attention for his more mature manly  appearance in a shorter hair style and well-defined features. Taemin  said it is his first time playing the pentathlon, but surprised everyone  by calmly completing it in 1 minute 11.17 seconds, the fastest.

Taemin said, “I thought I should win as I was representing our team,  so I did my best.” SHINee Minho also admitted Taemin’s competence.

Netizens’ responses to Taemin’s growth blast were: “He’s become a  man. My heart is beating fast,” “He’s even good at sports. Is there  anything he can’t do well? “Noona’s heart is fluttering, Taemin-ah.”

[from reviewstar. net]
-Trans by jujugal  

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