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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

[fan account] SHINee Debut Premium Reception in London

The light out, and SHINee appears! Sings Replay in Japanese, wait, there is no Jonghyun!!!
Greeting fans in English, Korean, and Japanese.

The performance order: Replay – Juliette – Hello – Ring Ding Dong – Lucifer – Replay acoustic ver.

Adidas sponsoring? Everyone is wearing Adidas snickers. Minho cheating by looking at the monitor for lyrics.

Key swinging his arm when singing Hello. The black string got loosened off during performance. His necklace with HOPE letters is broken…

Onew, handsome. Made a mistake by saying “Abbey Road Studio in Japan.” Drinks water and passes it to Taemin, Taemin drinks and passes it to Minho, Minho just drinks it. He is wearing the same winged-snickers with Taemin but in a different color.

Taemin’s arm is caught in his clothes. Wearing winged-snickers. Taemin and Key divided Jonghyun’s parts. Key grinned whenever Taemin makes mistakes

Jonghyun couldn’t perform due to high fever but for the last song. He looked very ill. He looked smaller in an oversize T-shirt.

An awesome illustrated fan account by ALN (check out her blog:
- Korean Trans @ DC Shinee Gallery | English Trans by jujugal

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