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Thursday, June 23, 2011

110622 UFO replies from OnHyun

Fan:[Onew] (refer to UFO)

Onew: Spa?

Fan:[Jonghyun] Are you feeling better...ㅠ

Jonghyun: Much better ᄒ

Fan:ᄒ ㅏ...Oppa what should I do if I want my hair to grow quicklyㅠㅠ

Fan:[Jonghyun] Oppa did you know Dong Tak in the Three Kingdoms? Guys always tease me as Yoon Dong Tak
Jonghyun: Called you Dong Tak?
Dong Tak is actually Dong Zhuo in Chinese history)

Fan:[Jonghyun] You really don't reply guys? Really?
Jonghyun: ㅇㅇReally
Fan:[Jonghyun] Are you alive?
Jonghyun: Yeah woke up and resting
Chinese translation: For_SHINee_World@weibo
English translation: babyblue-@soompi

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