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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

[Fan Account] Lucky fangirl met SHINee and SuJu in Paris

Finally ~ my fanaccount how was down the street and ran into SHINee and Suju.
Hello!My name is Andrea and I want to share my experience in Paris with SHINee and Suju.

We arrived at the capital of France on June 9 at night, so that night I rested as much in order to have energy for the concert. The next day I had to wait more than 7 hours of walking until SMTOWN started, but it was worth. Now I will not recount details of the concert, because this is not a fanacount about it. The point is that on 11 went sightseeing, went to see the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Place de la Concorde, etc.Throughout the day I got the feeling that I would meet someone famous, but then remembered that in those moments they were having the second SMTOWN. To think that at that time there was another concert very depressed me, I really wanted to go again. I had dinner that night just thinking about the next day and take the plane back to Spain. Never see her again.

On day 12th we take the entire day before returning to Spain. Because, above all, I am a Cassiopeia, made the tour relying on the TVXQ visited sites, but for reasons of time we could not go see the Montmartre before. During the morning we went to the Moulin Rouge and decided to eat at the foot of the Sacre Coeur Basilica. I spent all morning looking for TVXQ, but did not know whether they had taken the plane to return to Korea. In fact, looking at each Asian happened to me is that in Paris there are many Asians! Anyway, my spirits waned and I stopped paying attention to people around me. I was really tired and wanted to leave the airport, my legs hurt terribly and would not stop complaining. My mother told me “buy souvenirs and then we go, okay?”. So with resignation followed by a few narrow streets that are right behind the basilica. Turning a corner, I met a guy and I turned to apologize, but red hair distracted me. Then my vision was panoramic.

I could not believe it was right next Taemin and was Leeteuk. My heart stopped, they really give off a special aura. Then I realized that not only were they, was all SHINee and some Suju members. Do not know what to do, I looked the camera awkwardly, or remember where the heck it was. My pulse was terrible and my mother asked me what was wrong with what I could only answer “they are.” She understood immediately and told me to calm down, but could not. They kept looking at the souvenirs and I did not dare to take pictures or talk, so my mother started screaming for me to react and I approach them. When I decided to go Minho, I realized it would be impossible because it was surrounded by other boys and the manager of SHINee was near. My eyes searched for someone “helpless” Onew LOL and I saw a little apart from the others. As had his back gave him a pat on the shoulder and he turned. His face was a poem and I think it was my shirt … it was the official JYJ. Do not know what to say, so I just watched him and said “photo, please?” He looked around and I instantly turned the hearing. The manager came to us crazy shot. Onew lowered his head and said something, but only understood “mianhaeyo” a few seconds, the manager of 3 meters (LOOL is very high!) I said “NO PHOTOS!” I just nodded and said “interests.” But I could not leave it alone and turned to look at Onew. Then, with the little strength that I had said “please, please, hug? Give me a hug! “. The manager finally let out a “ok” and Dubu smiled. I wanted to die at that moment. It was a short embrace but my heart was beating very fast and my face began to burn.

Lee Jinki is really masculine, it smells really good. Her perfume is not cool, as I had expected someone younger, but a hot smell, full and masculine. His chest is really comfortable and I felt very small in his arms. Because Onew is the favorite of my best friend, it was like to hug my brother hahaha. In fact, as I said before, my intention was to go for Minho and he is totally bias.Anyway I thanked him and said goodbye, but I decided to follow them for half hour.Here are the two videos I took:

As for others, Eunhyuk off an aura of “do not come near me” really scared me (I’d heard before the suit is not very nice with the fans) instead hahaha Leeteuk looks very nice, even laughed when Onew hugged me. Key is a total outrageous and speaks very highly, clothing is also rare, so even a normal person does not know who he is, anyway will keep looking at him because of his eccentric appearance. Shindong was hooded and just talked and Donghae is terribly short, plus it looked tired, his face damaged. That made me very sad. Jonghyun is also very short and to the side of Minho Taemin and looks really funny. Yesung is beautiful, really look great sunglasses and also looks very nice. I think I leave it to none. Oh! Well, the manager is really high … and yet impose a lot of respect and fear, I thought I was going to hit as the Korean fans, “also wanted to make pictures, not so ugly … it’s just a bitter ajusshi xD.

Finally, I would say that distressed me about my shirt JYJ and not being able to see TVXQ, but it was incredible. I will never forget this experience. Onew, thanks for making happy a fan more.

english translate by sahwol_indo

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