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Saturday, June 11, 2011

110611 Taemin Interview on Ori Suta (Oricon style)

Lovely Maknae Taemin Called Angel!

1. Name 
2. Birthday 
18 July 1993
3. Blood Type 
4. Your character in SHINee
 Team’s maknae always adored by everyone? (laugh) I will show you lots of my aegyo in Japan! 5. Your favorite girl type?
 A girl who are cute…kind…and only looks at me?
6. Your favorite Japanese drama
 I like watching animation rather than drama. Especially Miyazaki Hayao’s Ghibli animation movies!
7. Your favorite Japanese artist 
Onizuka Chihiro san
8. Your favorite Japanese food
 A bowl of rice served with eel, katsu-dong, bento!
9. Your favorite Japanese word 
I like “kagayaku (shining)” in [kagayaku SHINee!]. 10. What do you want to do in Japan and where do you want to go
 I want to go to Harajuku or Shibuya, and also to Sapporo. 11.Your sunbaes DBSK and SNSD debuted in Japan and are very popular. What do you think of it?
I respect them for it. I always think I should learn from them and work hard too.
12. Which artist is your model for performance? 
Michael Jackson 13. What Korean place would you recommend? 
Garosoo Street (Tree-lined Street) in Shinsa-dong
14. Which song on your albums do you like? 
Boy Meet Girl
15. How do you appeal your music or performance? 
Because I’m maknae of the team, I act like a baby to everyone. Especially when it’s too hard sometimes, I make an appeal as maknae (laugh). (He’s an angel~ by Key) But I change on stage. Fans may think of it as one of my charms.
16. Which member acts like a spoiled child most?
17. A message about your debut in Japan! 
Please support us SHINee. We will be there to meet you soon, so wait a little bit more! We will show you cool stage performances.
[Korean Translation 880408@DC Shinee Gallery | English Translation by jujugal]
admin~nuha <3 bb~

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