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Sunday, June 19, 2011

110618 [TV] Jonghyun Lonely Night @ Immortal Song 2

Cr to | Up by jujugal
Cr to | Up by jujugal

Judges’ praise edited out
- Kim Taewon (guitar) : Ah, first of all, he’s so handsome, good gestures, and has it all like a rock group vocal…congratulations! Lonely Night is so difficult people usually lower the key, but I had a feeling you used the original key almost. You are Sshiniee (JH: Yes) Sshinee… Personally, SHINee and Super Junior are teams I like. Our homepage…recently very stable. It’s very stable. Very good.

- Seo Jaehyuk (base): If this were a concert hall, Jonghyun-ssi’s stage would have been more moving in the last part. Because this is a TV station… It was a little bit impractical, but it would have been much better (in a concert hall). The last part’s soft feelings reminded me of previous performances like Yoseop’s and Hyorin’s. Today’s performance was like a festival…it was very good.

JH: If you had such a feeling, that’s what I intended.

- Jung Dongha (vocal): Ah, it was awesome, expecially your attempt to perform with the audience and approach them on stage was unexpected and very good. You did a good job.

- Chae Jemin (drum): It took our vocal Jung Dongha 6 years to perform with the audience (laugh), it was very good. I’m very happy to see such a performance. I thought we should work harder. To make our country’s rock better… I think the audience judges will be really hard to decide.

[Source: DC Shinee Gallery | Trans by jujugal]

I don’t know why the pd edited out all the praises Jonghyun garnered after his performance.

I was proud when Jonghyun introduced himself “I’m SHINee Jonghyun,” not just “I’m singer Jonghyun” as other idols did. Jonghyun keep challenging himself by choosing a difficult song and trying to make a stage with the audience. He could have chosen a safe and easy road, but he instead makes a new challenge. As one of the legend members said, what Jonghyun tried to show in his performance, performing with the audience and the sense of a live concert, seems to be something that is hard to be conveyed through such a TV program, I think. Especially when the pd is editing it to kill off the liveliness Jonghyun attempted to show.

Anyway, no more of the pd (yay~ joyful) and no more of Jonghyun’s performance (sad).

credit : jujugal

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