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Friday, June 17, 2011

110617 [info] SHINee “Boys’ Night Out in Paris”

Vogue Korea took photos of backstage stars. The pictorial has snapshots of the concert hall heated with a crowd of fans, passionate performances of SM Town singers, and their real expressions on backstage. It also captures the journey from the departure of 31 singers of 5 teams, 120 staff members, and press reporters, through their arrival in Paris, rehearsal, and successful performances, to their departure again for their schedules.

W Korea captured their natural looks: f(x) on streets and shopping, SHINee having a night out in Paris, Super Junior’s concept of a playful surprise break into boys’ dorm, DBSK’s concept of “men’s qualifications” in a formal suit, and SNSD’s Parisienne concept.

credit : jujugal

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