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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

[/VIEW] Onew Interview in Japanese Magazine

Some recent translations:

TV Pia

What were your thoughts about performing at Tokyo Dome?
It was fun (performing) on the same stage with artists from the same company. I was glad to be near and meet so many fans.

Recently, what’s your favourite Japanese word?
“Poroporo” (worn out). It’s used when talking about old things.

Recently, what food are you hooked on?
Recently…. nothing really.
But, what I’m always into is “Chicken”.
At the time of (our) Japanese debut when we had our Premium Reception, I ate alot of delicious stuff at different Japanese places.
In Nagoya, of course I ate Tebasaki!
This year I went to many countries, but I think Japan’s food was especially delicious!

From the group interview:

What’s a birthday episode that left a lasting impression?
My birthday is during the busy end of year time.
Since debuting, I’ve always (spent) my birthday working.
During childhood, going out with friends to fastfood shops and going to karaoke was the standard course.

KanFun Magazine

What’s your special skill and charm point?

Special skill is writing song lyrics & (playing) the piano.
My charm point is possessing sense of humour that can liven up a place and make it bright.

What sort of character do you think you have?

A moody person.

At what chance did you think ‘I’ll become a singer’?

I loved singing since childhood. At the suggestion of people around me, I entered my current company’s entertainment school (SM Academy), this was my chance.

What’s your “My boom”? (Thing you’re into recently?)

Watching anime (One Piece).

Favourite Japanese food?

Ikayaki (Grilled squid)

What Japanese have you recently learned?

Mou sugu (Very soon)

Place you’d like to go in Japan, or thing you’d like to try?

Instead of a specific place, I’d like to try just walking down various streets in Japan.

Ray Magazine 100Q Onew part

Q41 What do you feel, “This alone is what no one can beat me at?”
The ability to change the mood of a place! I can liven up the atmosphere in a split second… I can totally carry out lame jokes. (laugh)

Q42 Your favourite season?
Spring! Because the temperature is just right. Since it’ll be hot soon it allows you to think about playing at the beach.

Q43 Now, right this minute, what do you want to eat the most?
Stomach medicine. I totally ate too much food. (laugh)

Q44 A good talker or a good listener, which are you?
About 50:50. If there’s something I want to talk about, then I talk alot. But at times when I don’t have a topic, I deliberately lean towards listening.

Q45 What’s the fashion item you want the most right now?
I want coat for when I spend the cold season with warm friends.

Q46 What’s your impression of Japanese girls?
I’ve received a warm impression. I think there’s a girlish charm to them.

Q47 What from a Japanese drama or movie has left an impression with you?
The animation of “The Girl who leapt through time”. I watched the movie version~ I found the crossing of time idea/concept interesting.

Q48 What would you do and where would you go if you were to go on a one week trip?
Wherever is fine but… I want to go a place where I can relax and rest! With good friends.

Q49 If travelling to Korea during winter, what spot would you recommend?
The mountain and such scenery is pretty at Teguaruryon! Or to the beach! I love the sea.

Q51 What were your thoughts when singing at SMTOWN LIVE at Tokyo Dome?
I enjoyed being able to sing with everyone from the same company. If there’s an opportunity to do independently do a live there as SHINee, I think I’d like to try it.

Q52 What sort of praise in Japanese would make you happy?
Any sort of praise would make me totally happy! Especially when I’m told things like “That song is good”, “Your voice is good”.

Q53 What must you do before you go to sleep?
Drink a glass of water! For some reason it makes me relax.

Q54 Looking back now, what sort of thing did you need to do in order to full your dream?
Practice is important. Of course, even know i’m still practicing.

Q55 What sort of child were you in primary school / elementary school?
An active child. The type of child that would be running around in the playground every break time.

Q56 What SHINee song do you find yourself humming unintentionally?
“Replay”. This song could be called SHINee’s starting point. From the start I was attached to it.

Q57 What must you do before the start of a concert.
Be nervous (laugh). If there’s some nervousness, I get very tired.

Q58 What’s the thing you want to do the most right now?
An eating trip. I’d like to drop in on various delicious shops. If you can eat delicious food while you’re on a trip, then the trip’s pleasure is doubled.

Q59 For work or personally, what do you want to challenge?
Musical instruments. There’s definitely musical instruments I want to try.

Q60 At what moment do you get fired up?
During music programs, another time is when I’m standing on stage. I definitely commit to giving it my all.

And to wrap it all up, some sangtae:

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