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Monday, December 26, 2011

[I/VIEW] SHINee on Cutie Magazine : SHINee Christmas

What if you were to spend Christmas with SHINee… have that sort of dream-like feeling!

Question : What’s your ideal way of spending Christmas?
Key: At home, it’s Christmas when my mother decorates the Christmas tree. It stays like that for about three months after, (laugh) but I still want to go see the Christmas tree at home once more.
Taemin: In Korea, “Home Alone” always shows during the Christmas season. Having a good with my family while watching movies would be my ideal way to spend Christmas.
Onew: There’s a Christmas tree that’s decorated in front of a big plaza that I’ve never seen. I want to go see it.
Minho: There’s a decorated tree in the plaza in front of the city hall in Seoul. Recently they’ve put a skating rink there, I’d like to go skating there.

Question : How did you spend Christmas in 2010?
Jonghyun: Ever since we debuted in ‘08, I think we’ve spent every Christmas on stage somewhere. So every year, I’ve (spent) with the members, I think I’ll be spending 2011 with all of them as well.

Question : (Tell us) a Christmas memory.
Onew: Having a good time with family while eating a meal. A recollection of a good night’s sleep also remains. (laugh)
Key: In Korea, Christmas day is a holiday. [1]

[1] Christmas is not a holiday in Japan

Translation by CrissAn
shared by: nuha^^ jinki@MYJinki

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