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Monday, December 26, 2011

[PIC] Kyuhun Mentioned SHINee Minho in His Twitter Update년의 마지막을 함께 하고있는 규라인 송년회^^ TVXQ & S.J & SHINee & CNBlue 네 그룹의 스케줄을 힘겹게 맞춰서 겨우 모였음 ㅜ 암튼 기분 너무좋다^^
Year 2011's last end-of-year gathering together with Kyu-line^^ TVXQ & S.J & SHINee & CNBlue Four group's schedule is hard to meet, barely have we met ㅜ In any case, (I still) feel very good (to gather)^^
cr: kyuhun twitter
trans by: 13elieve SG
shared by: nuha^^jinki@ MYJinki

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