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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

[FA] More Minho's Birthday Fanaccount #2

Nonsensical Taemin~

Taemin : Eventhough Minho hyung is 21 Years old already, I still find him amazing. The reason being that he has not changed much since we were Trainees until now. Compared to when I first met him, there is really not much difference. But there is actually a huge change.. it feels like Minho hyung is still an Middle 3rd Grade Student... Ah, no, I met him when he was Grade 2 so.. it still feels like that moment.

Key : If that's the case, you are still like a Elementary school student to us!

Fans : (laughs hysterically)

Taemin : Because of that, it's amazing. Even though so much things happened, but all these while, everybody stood by one another and persevered on.. I also felt very thankful towards Minho hyung.. From now onwards, we will show a more charismatic side of us. Minho hyung is really trying hard..  I can feel a sense of hardworking-ness when I see hyung doing activities/ working out... this is really the hyung I respect and like very much..

Key : Oh, respect?

Taemin : Yes! I respect all members ^^;;;

Key : Oh, but I've never felt this before? So when did you start respecting us 'ᄇ'*

Taemin : Starting from now ^^;;; Happy Birthday anyway ^^;;;

Haha Taemin and his disorganised thoughts - who is still such a naughty kid who does not listen HAHA

Kor - Chi Translation : _R // Fall in Taem
Chi - Eng Transatlion : soundtracklove@soompi


Minho : Taemin was looking at his laptop to study his script for "Koala Kid". I've decided to take a picture of it because he looked so cute.
Jonghyun : So how does a Koala cry?
Minho : I saw Taemin's movie script, there was a line that goes "Ho~", and it was annotated with "(Sad), (Excited), (Happy)".. So I told taemin, that he has to practice and work hard on it! (Then he demonstrated a sad "Ho~")
Taemin : Angry "Ho~"
Jonghyun : Show a happy one!
Taemin : "Ho~~~!"
Minho : In the end, we found out that "Ho" meant the breathing sound (and not an expression)
Taemin : Yes, it meant the breathing sound ^^;;;
Minho : Our practice was wasted...
Taemin: When I stepped into the recording studio, and interesting thing happened. In the script there was a frightened "Ho~", so i read "Ho~~~~~~".. In the end, the director asked me, "What are you doing?"
Minho : It made me even more embarrassed, because I was the one who told Taemin about it...


WARNING : It may be inappropriate to certain people PG

(after some conversation ended)
Taemin : Under such cold atmosphere, I shall now present a birthday present ^^;;;
Minho : Ah.. no wonder he's our maknae!
Taemin : Can everybody guess what it is? ^^;;;
Fans : Don't know!
Minho : Don't tell me it is some expensive branded goods?
Taemin : Why not you open it first ^^;;;
Taemin : Hope you will use it well! ^^;;;
Jonghyun : Isn't this Dolce & Gabbana?! Is it briefs?
Minho : It is written that it is underwear on the top..
Key : What is this... taemin ah... it is briefs!! kekekekeke
Jonghyun : Ahhh..give me undergarments too..
Key : Give me too...
Jonghyun : If only it was red...
Taemin : It isn't ^^;;;
Onew : I don't think it is enough..
Minho : What is this!! This is too cute!
Taemin : I will take a photo of it and upload to twitter (*he might mean Me2Day)
Fans : Wear it! Wear it!!
Jonghyun : Minho, they ask you to wear, you should wear it then!

(END. it was only transcripted until here)



Minho : We ar realeasing a new album next year....
Fans : Wow~~~~~~
Minho : Of course we have to release one.. we have not done it for so long!
Key : It's a bit too late if we do it now..
Taemin : Perhaps it may be released next year winter ^^;;;
Fans : Ah ah TT.TT
Taemin : Just kidding ^^;;;



Taemin : I am now shorter than my father ...
Minho : This means you have not worked hard enough...
Taemin : If i've known earlier, I should not have danced...
Jonghyun : But Taemin's Brother is really tall!
Taemin : Yes. My Brother is 182cm...
Jonghyun : But taemin is still small, there's room to grow!
Key : Then Taemin you cannot dance... You can only pick one (to dance or to grow)
Jonghyun : It's okay...being short has its own charms

Kor - Chi Translation : 泰小苗 // Fall In Taem
Chi - Eng Translation :

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