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Saturday, December 10, 2011

[FA] 111209 Minho Private Birthday Party Fanaccount #2

Next album concept that SHINee wants : Jonghyun and Key - decadent beuty. something erotic but not naked, and taemin asked hyungs what happens if they are censered, and key and the others went that’s why they said ‘not naked’ pleas listen carefully. Jonghyun said the most erotic member is taemin.

Minho talked about hair color for his next concept, He said his mom questioned him why he doesn’t have celebrity hair (dyed yellow) and Key said he and Taemin is blonde so no more blonde is needed.

Jonghyun gave Minho a T-shirt but it looked small and definitely not Minho’s style. It was worn-out pink and Jonghyun said he bought it because it was on 50% sale. and it was really poorly wrapped in crumpled plastic wrap.

Taemin gave him Dolce and Gabbana briefs. Minho said that’s cute. fans asked them to show that but they didn’t.

Jonghyun imitated Yu Se-yoon(a comedian)’s goat imitation. They said They love yu se-yoon. when they talked about Minho’s sitcom, Minho said he want popo(light kiss)-scene and everybody went nooo so he added ‘oh, with a man! I want to do it with Yu se-yoon hyung’ and he imagined yu se-yoon woud kiss very crazily passionately

When Taemin was rowing a boat on ocean in Spain, he lost his paddle. So he tried to find it holding Onew’s ankle and stretching his head out of the boat. a foreigner who was swimming in the ocean found it stuck in somewhere under the water for him. Taemin said ‘give me give me’ and couldn’t say thank you.(He forgot to say thank you) and shinee clapped for him. and than Jonghyun asked what ‘paddle’ is in English, and nobody of shinee answered. Onew said isn’t it ‘stick’? and Jonghyun went “look, nobody knows! this is the reality of Korean English education”

They said they really want to come back to korea. Minho said he felt it when he’s MC-ing. Key said as much as they didn’t promoted anything this year, they will do a lot next year. and asked the fans to expect the next album because there are lots of good songs.

Minho said he’s expecting Key’s gift. and be outraged talking about USB

Minho and Key danced at Wondergirls song. They sang Yunbin’s rap part together. they changed lyric ’ what do you think born in 88 age is perfect’ into ‘boin in 91 age is perfect’ and went waaaaaa~ facing each other. They said they hang out like that.

In Japan Key borrowed JJong’s credit card to buy Yougeun’s present but he lost JH’s card. Jonghyun texted Key to ask where the credit card is and Key was thrown into confusion so that he dropped his paint bruch. Jonghyun called him and key lied the card is in his wallet or pocket in spite of himself. But Jonghyun said there’s no card so Key suddenly talked to him in formal way that he’s hand is trembling. Jonghyun said take his time over finding it. And key found it at last. they decided to pay the gift fifty-fifty. Key looked so happy.

They recited tongue twisters that Onew did in Happy Together and were sprayed snow when they spoke it wrong. The fans sprayed the snow because shinee said they are too grown-up to do that.(but I bet the fans’ age is not that different with shinee lol)

Key seemed to present Onew something like anti-aging cream and Onew treated Key and Key’s friends to a meal. This seemed the only two know and didn’t talked about it much.

They sang the first song they recorded(Korean album?) and Taemin’s part was ‘on the time machine~’ it was a merry song.

they said Minho doesn’t get up when they wake him up. then Minho said his members wake him up in an angry tone. but that was because Minho gets up when they went mad at Miho who doesn’t wake up.

Minho said he had pushed his members like in Auction ad. The others said He did it in the elevator. Jinki dances in the elevator and Jonghyun said Minho seems to watch erotic things too much when he was young. and He said he does that to Key most often because his reaction is the funniest. (Both Jonghyun and Minho talked about it.) when they push Key and pretend to kiss, Key goes ‘huh!’ and makes puzzled face.

Minho wore a cat mask and sounded meow~ meow~. Jonghyun said Minhos’s face is too small and told taemin to wear it. Taemin gave it to Key so Key yelled “why you give it to me, you wear it, Is this because it’s about small head?” and Taemin excused that’s because cat-like things are more suits with key. and Key was like, No I’m wearing a hat blah blah  Taemin and Key kept whispering to each other a lot during the event.

The fans have to send application mails to participate birthday event at the time appointed. and kfans call it as ‘mailympic’ and Jonghyun who knows every slangs on internet and what fans talk about also knows it and mentioned about it. He even once participated to send a mail at Key’s birthday. Today, Taemin said he also want to do ‘mailympic’ and Jonghyun said “then it’s you are taking away a fan’s chance to meet us” and Taemin made a puzzled expression.

Before Taemin record Koral Kid, Minho helped him practicing, There were
Ho~(Angrily) in the script
so they thought that’s crying sound so they practiced it as
Hooah Hooah Hooah
but actually that was just breathing so when Taemin went ‘hooah hooo hooo~’ at the record, the directer became embarrassed and said “what.. what are you doing?”

Minho talked about his mom a lot and he boasted that he went shopping with his mom and bought Lacoste sweater that he was wearing. and He said he want to see his parents and told everybody to be thankful to your parents at your birthdays and spend time with them.

Key told he once had packed his every clothes while he’s wearing a hotel gown. that was what he had talked in Japanese magazine already so the fans went ‘we already know~’ so he said “who told this?” and Minho said “YOU”

it was going to the end of the party but Key kept talking and talking and Jonghyun went “are you drunken? He’s like this when he’s drunken”

Members said Taemin’s image for them is still same with when he was trainee. Minho added Taemin’s still like middle schooler for him. and then Key went “if you do, You are elementary schooler for me.” and Minho nodded.

Jonghyun said he want to be on reality show. they said they want to be in sitcom or reality show.

one of the question was what is korean fans for you? and the questioner’s name was Kim iran and Jonghyun went Oh this is a Korean fan, Iran-ssi. It was his gag.

one of the question was what is good simple exercise and Minho showed stamping his foot so fast and Key said it looked like an animal trying to attract a mate.

They talked about height. Taemin said his brother is 182 cm and whined he should have not danced(when young boy dance too much, he doesn’t grow tall) and the others said it’s okay for Taemin because he’s young and now it’s time for select. To grow taller or to dance. and Jonghyun asked Minho how to grow tall because he want his children to be tall and minho answered it’s genetic.

and Jonghyun said he’s charming even though he’s short, and there are the fans who loves his own self. and added “I can marry someday, don’t I?”

Jonghyun and Onew went to bring the cake. and then Key went ‘ah~ I don’t do this often~’ and followed them. so the fans went “Taeminie~!Taeminie~!” Taemin just grinned and said “ah, I’m tired”

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shared by: nuha^^jinki@MYJinki

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