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Friday, December 23, 2011

[INFO] 111223 Lee Taemin vs Kim Jongin (SM’s new boy band)

He is SM’s new boy band, named KAI or 김종인 (Kim Jongin). He was born in 1994. His speciality is dancing like SHINee’s Taemin, but Jongin is good at singing as well.

Jongin is Taemin’s close friend, They like to hang out together in Korea when Jongin is still a trainee in SM entertainment. Don’t you think that they look alike??
that picture was taken by fans in 2010 when Jongin and Taemin hang out together in Apgujeong. Most people thought that he’s Taemin’s hyeong (Lee Taesun) but apparently he is Kim Jongin or KAI.

shared and translate by shawol_indo
shared by: nuha^jinki@ MYJinki

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