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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

[TRANS] 131018-22 SHINee WORLD J + PLUS Update

In the midst of the release event~!


Hello to everyone of SHINee WORLD J + PLUS.
As we enter into October, it's getting cooler in the morning and at night, so it's more comfortable to live the day!

Currently, the members are visiting the selected regions for the release event of "Boys Meet U".
Each stop gives a different sense of closeness and the members also enjoy this event, where they can meet lots of their fans ♪
The members answer the questions that were prepared beforehand by everyone, and they get really hyped up if the fans whose question is picked are in the crowd for the event (laugh)

In their dressing rooms, they would spend a relaxing time by enjoying each regions's delicacy, playing the stacking puzzle and having a pleasant chat with the staff!

Event reports for each of the release events are posted in the special site so please check it out over there ♪

Well then!
On the first day of the event at Fukuoka, the 9th single "3 2 1" which will be released on 4th of December has been announced~!
Please look forward to this release as well!
✦SWJ PLUS Boys Meet U Album Special Page✦
Zepp Sapporo

Today is the last day!!


Hokkaido is the last stop for the release event! During midday, the sky was blue and it was warm but as the sun set, the temperature dropped considerably.

The members are preparing for their performance in the dressing room after rehearsal.
Among the preparations being done, there is of course their meal time which cannot be missed ♪. Today they have soup curry, which is popular among the members who have visited Hokkaido before for their concert tour.

(T/N:  Soup curry is a liquid curry with vegetables and chicken, one of the local specialties of Sapporo.)

The members are happy to have soup curry again.
They remind me of a time during the tour when they insisted, "We want to eat soup curry for today's dinner!!!" (laugh)

On one side of the stage, there sits a question box used for the event!

The questions are selected without the members' knowledge, so they are nervous every single time since they do not know what kind of questions would come out!

Onstage, it has become a sort of a custom for Minho to be the one who pushes a cart with the box on it when it is time to move it away! He did it properly too, today (laugh)

The release event which was held in five different locations has ended safely ☆
The members claimed, "Everyone's cheering at each stop became our source of energy!"
Everyone, thank you very much!

✦SWJ PLUS Boys Meet U Album Special Page✦
Release event: Sapporo
The BEST Polaroid At The Dressing Room


"The BEST Polaroid At The Dressing Room" corner - I'm in charge of the final entry!
The best one for today is me!... And Hokkaido's specialty, a soup curry ☆
I took a nice shot of it, didn't I?

The release event has ended safely! We were blessed with a lot of cheering for this time as well and it has become another precious memory for me ♪
Please look forward to our new song as well!!

Translated by: red @

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