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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

[TRANS] 131004-12 SHINee WORLD J + PLUS

I got Boys Meet U mug!


Hello to everyone of SHINee WORLD J + PLUS.

This is a "Boys Meet U" mug that even the members have it too~★

The Prize A for the single "Boys Meet U" release event is none other than this mug that has the same design as the single jacket.
A lot of different types of oceans can be created through this mug, depending on what kind of drinks you put in here~♪

And also! This month is the continuation of "Boys Meet U" release events, with a gap of 3 weeks from the last one (high touch event).
Aren't we excited as we anticipate on what kind of stage they will show to us in this event?

To those who unfortunately can't participate in this upcoming event, I will share with you how it is in the next staff blog entry, so look forward to it!!

✦SWJ PLUS Boys Meet U Album Special Page✦

Release event: Fukuoka
The BEST Polaroid At The Dressing Room


Everyone, which is better?

I think... I prefer this~♪
In Fukuoka after a long while, it's quite heated up!
See you again ^^
✦SWJ PLUS Boys Meet U Album Special Page✦

Zepp Fukuoka

In Zepp Fukuoka


Welcoming the first day of "Boys Meet U" release event~!
Since they arrived a bit early, they're going to rest before rehearsal starts! That was what I thought but the members went to eat right away!

Today's catering is this highly nourishing lunch box ♪
All the members ate well! Maybe it's because their day started from the early morning.

In the meantime, the stage was prepared for the rehearsal!

The first one to reach

the stage was Onew, just like what a leader should be! ^_^

Then, as they finished their rehearsal and went back to the dressing room, it seemed like there was some kind of confectionery party there?

Just as expected, the most popular snack was umaibou?
The time that everyone enjoyed and passed by in just a blink!
(T/N: Umaibou is a small, puffed, cylindrical corn snack from Japan)

During the real stage they showed a great performance and had a wonderful talk!
Since the typhoon was getting closer today, the wind was blowing strongly and the sky was giving an untimely threat of rain, but it was an enjoyable event thanks to everyone's cheering, and that was so great! Great enough to blow away such a weather!

Okay then, tomorrow will be the second stop, which is Osaka!
Look forward to it~☆

✦SWJ PLUS Boys Meet U Album Special Page✦

Zepp Namba

Second day of the release event!


Today's venue is Osaka!
The last time they met fans in Osaka was during a-nation last August☆
The sky became clear in the afternoon and it was sunny, enough to make you say, "It's hot!"

Well then, as soon as the members got to the venue, it was meal time!
The catering for today is this lunch box!
That is how it should be...

But the members were also given a special katsu-don each♪

As soon as Taemin saw the katsu-don...
"Wah~!! Looks delicious!!" He shouted happily and ate it vigorously (laugh)

Afterwards, when they finished rehearsal as well, they took a rest at their dressing room.
This toy was there in the room!!

It's a game where you pick those pandas using chopsticks and try to balance them as they're stacked on top of one another, but because there was a pair of chopsticks there, Onew and Key thought that it was food so the pandas went into their mouths (laugh)

During the real stage, they even spoke in Kansai dialect when talking about the album~
Seemed like the fans at the venue were happy about it☆

So now, the next venue is Nagoya!
Everyone in Nagoya, please anticipate it, okay~!!

✦SWJ PLUS Boys Meet U Album Special Page✦

Release event: Osaka
The BEST Polaroid At The Dressing Room.


I took a lot of polaroids today!
The best shot I picked is the photo of Minho resting at the dressing room and, the shot of panda toys!
What do you think? ^^

The weather in Osaka today became better so I was relieved~!
Everyone in Osaka, see you again~!

It's me, Minho


Hello to everyone of SHINee WORLD J + PLUS.
It's me, Minho.

I got to meet everyone in Fukuoka and Osaka after a long while, so I had a really enjoyable time.
I think perhaps, it has been a year since I've last been to Fukuoka!?

Every time, when the real stage is approaching, I feel my heart throbbing harder.

I want to spend another enjoyable time with everyone in Nagoya tomorrow, so please look forward to it ^▭^

✦SWJ PLUS Boys Meet U Album Special Page✦

Zepp Nagoya
It's Nagoya today!

The release event made a turn and arrived at Nagoya ♪
Continuing from Osaka, it was quite sunny in Nagoya as well and the temperature was quite high too!
Some of the members even wore short sleeves!

The members who entered the venue energized themselves with meals first!
Today's main menu was the members' favorite,hitsumabushi and they ate it in various ways according to their preferences. For example, eating it as it is or adding dashi to it!
... But!

It was probably still not enough for them. Jonghyun, Key and Taemin even ate the dish as a meal in their lunch boxes, especially Jonghyun, who kept saying, "Delicious! It is! Really delicious!", with a satisfied look. (laugh)
The members really ate well. (laugh)

On the stage, maybe because of the strength they got from hitsumabushi, the members were more energetic than usual ♪
Taemin let Minho put on his hat and Minho posed a bit with it... just letting you know there's such an episode~!

Next week we will be in Tokyo!
Everyone in Tokyo, please wait a little bit more ☆

* hitsumabushi - Nagoya-style of rice dish topped with eel fillets.
* dashi - soup stock made with fish and kelp)

✦SWJ PLUS Boys Meet U Album Special Page✦

Release event: Nagoya
The BEST Polaroid At The Dressing Room


Today's best polaroid is the cap that I wore on stage♪ It suits me, doesn't it? ^^

Once again, today, thanks to everyone, I made more happy memories~!
I look forward the day I can see everyone in Nagoya again ☆

Translated by: red @

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