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Friday, October 11, 2013

[INFO] 131011 Vote for SHINee's "Everybody" on the M! Countdown Online Poll!


SHINee will be in the running to win on M! Countdown for the rest of their Everybody promotional era. Every one of us can do our part by voting for "Everybody" on Mnet Global's M! Countdown Online Poll to boost SHINee's ranking.

Be sure to vote for SHINee every single day! Every account you have registered on Mnet is good for one vote. Voting runs every week from Friday at 11:00 AM KST to Monday at 9:00 AM KST. Please follow the steps below to cast your vote.

1. Log in to your Mnet account, or make one if you have not already.
2, Click here to get to the voting page.
3. Select SHINee in the list of artists.
4. Scroll down and press the Voting button.
5. If you see this popup appear, you have successfully voted.

Voting for SHINee During The Show:
A handy tutorial to help boost SHINee's ranking during the show!

130314 Updated Links
How International Shawols can vote for SHINee via sms during M! Countdown:-

SMS votes contribute to 5% of the M! Countdown chart. The time to vote starts only when the MC announces th (sms votes received before the show will not be included), 1 IP address can only send once. Repeated sms votes from same IP address will not be counted but will be penalised with points deduction! So please send only once! Not sure if it works, but we will do all we can to help SHINee right?

1) Links to send free sms:
2) Choose Korea, South and number to send to is 00822566

3) Key in 샤이니 in the text message.

Source: eimanjjong
cr: SFI

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