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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

[NEWS] 131022 SHINee delights with release of "Everybody" dance practice video


As promised, SHINee's dance practice video for "Everybody" was released earlier today after the official music video for their fifth mini album's title song "Everybody" gained more than 3 million views! No spoilers ahead!

SHINee opens the video with a short, amusing talk about the choreography for "Everybody" and the highlights of the dance, as well as stating that the release of this video was a way for them to show thanks to their fans. The members fool around with their trademark witty humor before Minho cuts them short and announces the unveiling of the dance practice segment. To the delight of non-Korean-speaking fans, SM Entertainment uploaded the video to their YouTube channel complete with English subtitles!

The boys then do a one-eighty from their dorky selves as they transform into charismatic performers, going all out for "Everybody" with the complex choreography and sharp moves. For a short while, SHINee turns the dance studio into their stage and leaves viewers in awe. 

SHINee also released the video on their official LINE account, along with a screen capture of the members mid-pose during the dance. 

Watch the video:

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