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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

[NEWS] 131015 The story behind Jonghyun's self-composed track, "Gloomy Clock


In an interview with Newsen, Jonghyun revealed the behind-the-scenes story of his self-composed track, "Gloomy Clock."

"Initially, it was a song written by me, for me. IU and I talk to each other about music quite often. I thought of asking about how to move forward with the song's composition, so I passed it to her. The next afternoon, IU asked me to sell the song to her. It really is good luck."

As with the song's title, the word 'gloomy' makes a total of 20 appearances in the song. Jonghyun said, "This song was written in two, three hours. I was getting a little depressed due to my insomnia, so I wrote down all the things that had happened that day; which is why the lyrics are similar to that of a diary entry."

Jonghyun further expressed, "This song wasn't written with the intention of making the listener depressed. It is a song for one to let go of the blues, to 'wait in patience, and everything will be alright.' It is a story to comfort oneself."

As reported previously, "Gloomy Clock" has been highly praised by Yoon Jongshin and is well received by netizens and fans of IU and SHINee alike.

Please support Jonghyun by purchasing the song on iTunes.

Source: Newsen
Written by: debsayys @

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