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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

[NEWS] 131008 Jonghyun's self-composed song, "Gloomy Clock", is well-received

In IU's latest album, "Modern Times", SHINee's Jonghyun presents his own composition and lyrics with "Gloomy Clock", which showcases IU's soft vocals and Jonghyun's soothing tone.  "Gloomy Clock" has been highly praised by Yoon Jongshin and is well received by netizens and fans of IU and SHINee alike.
The main hook of the song, "I'm gloomy, gloomy", is repeated in rhythm with the melody, making it an enjoyable and easy listen. Jonghyun also shows his natural wit and humor in his lyrics, and doesn't forget to show his love for the Japanese anime series, One Piece, in the line, "I’m gloomy, I’m gloomy / Gloomy as if I ate a gloomy gloomy fruit."
"Gloomy Clock" is the first of Jonghyun's composed songs to be released, but his previous lyrical works have already seen the light of the day. He penned the lyrics to "Juliette", "Obsession", "Alarm Clock", "Spoiler", and "Selene 6.23".
Another one of Jonghyun's self-composed has received much attention from fans. The mid-tempo, R&B flavored song, "It's Late", was performed by Jonghyun as a gift to fans during SHINee's 5th Anniversary Fan Meeting. The performance of the special composition left many in anticipation of the idol singer's future works.
Source: reviewstar
Translated by: pixiecloude @
Lyrics translated by: kimchi hana @
Written by: debsayys @

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