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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

[NEWS] 131008 SHINee's "Everybody" music video teaser to come out later today + image teaser video released


SHINee will release their music video teaser for "Everybody" today.

On October 8th, SHINee's "Everybody" music video teaser will release through their official social networking accounts, including Youtube, Facebook, Line, and Kakaotalk.

This music video teaser will highlight the SHINee members' charismatic concept and dynamic choreography.

SHINee's title song "Everybody" has a funky rhythm and melody that anyone can jam to. Falling into a genre coined "Complextro", the song can awaken the inner child in everyone. Listeners will be taken to an exciting and rhythmical world, as detailed in the lyrics.

"Everybody" was choreographed by none other than Tony Testa, who has previously worked with SHINee on their past hit title tracks, "Sherlock" and "Dream Girl". SM Entertainment performance director Hwang Sanghoon (also known as Greg) also participated in planning the choreography.
SHINee released member and group teaser images through the past few days, then went on to perform new songs "Everybody" and "Symptoms" for the first time live at the Gangnam Hallyu Festival. Just yesterday, they released the electrifying image teaser video for "Everybody" seen below.

SHINee's album will officially release to the public on the 14th.

Source: xsportsnews
Written by: joAnnwashere, kimchi hana @

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