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Friday, March 30, 2012

[TRANS] 120330 SHINee at Jeon Hyun Moo's Music Square Radio

Key said currently there are more and more idol groups and the idols’ debut ages are getting younger and younger, actually he’s worried about the future generation.
Hyunmoo: Will you guys quarrel?
SHINee said no but they will be a little noisy during mealtimes and they will pick on each other during practice sessions

Hyunmoo asked Taemin why he’s always so forgetful.
Taemin: I don’t know too.
Jonghyun said Taemin lost his handphone in the waiting room which was never found in the end.
Key said Taemin has no sense of awareness and would leave his things everywhere.

The member whom least cares about fashion- Onew.
Key said once Onew’s airport outfit was a very a UK style university t-shirt but he wore with a pair of shining shoes, which doesn’t match at all.
Onew: I was thinking those shoes were new and I rarely have the opportunity to wear it so I wore it~

Hyunmoo: Will you guys talk about girls when you are together?
 Jonghyun: Yes, we will discuss about girls groups currently doing promotions while in the waiting room, will say this group’s stage is very cute etc~~

Onew: After our activities in Korea ended, there will be about 20 Arena tours in Japan.
Hyunmoo asked: Which day are you guys leaving in April, must watch my Sherlock before leaving.
Jonghyun replied: Don’t worry, we will leave late April.

Asked about their favourite celebrities~~
Key said he fancy overseas female celebrities recently and saw them in person when they went England, very gorgeous etc.
Taemin still said Emma Watson.
Kim Jonghyun said Amanda Seyfried from “Mama Mia”.

Hyunmoo: Are you currently still staying in dormitory?
 SHINee: Yes. Onew said it’s still that same dormitory,
Key said Jonghyun & Minho shared a room, Onew, Taemin and Key shared a room.

Hyunmoo praised SHINee for becoming more and more handsome recently.
Jonghyun: Eh, we have been receiving massages since our debut, video camera massages…….

Hyunmoo exchanged numbers with SHINee. Hyunmoo said he knows Onew & Minho’s numbers but not the other 3.
Jonghyun said he won’t give since they (Hyunmoo & him) can tweet and direct message.
 Hyunmoo still wants their contact numbers.
Taemin: I will definitely give you my number.
Jonghyun: I will give you too. Key: ……. I will give too (smiles).
Hyunmoo clapped his hands: That’s great, got all their numbers!

Who is better-looking among yourselves?? 
All: Minho. Onew: Recently, Jonghyun is not bad too. 
Jonghyun: I'm the current trend. Haha. This is the recent concept. 
Taemin: Jonghyun-hyung is handsome, but sometimes Minho-hyung is alike to a movie actor when he changes his expressions. 
 Hyunmoo praised Jonghyun is a visual trend. Jonghyun said he is in tip top condition everyday.

Kim Jonghyun said: My most handsome period is everyday everyday, He used netizen lingo for most handsome period ——‘리즈시절’ which Hyunmoo ahjussi didn't understand, he clarified: The best most handsome period.......

 Asked whether they are embarrassed about the posters.
Jonghyun: yes, in the beginning but okay now.
Hyunmoo: I feel I have kismet with you guys, I revealed my 6 pecs in the past too. Your fans helped me to do a collage of it with your pictures, I’m using it now as my handphone wallpaper.
Onew: We were shocked, kept looking at it and thought that you were a criminal.
Jonghyun: We are Sherlock, you are the criminal we want to nab.
Hyunmoo: Not bad, put it on Twitter.

Hyunmoo: I always misplaced my things. Which member is the most forgetful?
All: Taemin~ Taemin: Always loses my handphone etc.
Hyunmoo: Lost it recently? Jonghyun: Lost his handphone in the waiting room, have yet to find it till now. Hyunmoo: Need to get a doctor to cure your forgetfulness?
Key: He just don’t want to put things back to their places (so he always misplaces).
Hyunmoo: Aren’t you worried that you lost your handphone? Your expression is still so cheerful?
Taemin: I will still continue searching for it. 

Hyunmoo asked about Minho. Jonghyun said he’s busy with other schedule.
Onew: Minho said not necessary to meet Hyunmoo-hyung.
Hyunmoo: That’s how he treats me.
Onew (in a panic and laughed): I’m joking!

Jonghyun introduced Sherlock and Hyunmoo sang along (he was praised for singing well). Asked about their views on the song.
Key: 2 songs can be remixed into 1? Feels that maybe the outcome will be very good.
Taemin said he looked forward to it and was better than expected.

 Hyunmoo said Taemin looked like he’s from a girl group. Jonghyun said Taemin is very pretty.
Hyunmoo asked Taemin if he will keep wearing hair extensions. Taemin said he has cut it.
Onew: The hair length will be adjusted based on the image.

Hyunmoo: Onew become more manly.
Onew said his face has become thinner recently.
Hyunmoo: Why?
Onew: Just lost weight.
SHINee was asked if the dance was difficult. Jonghyun said it was very tough during the 5 days they learnt from the teacher.

Compared to Lucifer, Key: You can practice on your own for Lucifer but you need 5 people for Sherlock.
Hyunmoo: A lot of people said I can’t master Sherlock, what do you think?
Jonghyun: We will know if we see it.
Onew said something which Hyunmoo replied: Onew-goon is still the same as before.
Jonghyun: We will never change (Onew laughed loudly in the background)

Hyunmoo continued to complain about the difficulty of the choreography and asked about the main choreography point during the chorus. Jonghyun told Hyunmoo to take it slowly if he can’t do the waist movement. Hyunmoo said it was unbearable after completing the 2nd day of practice session. Key & Onew said they felt the same too and asked him to do his stretching exercises well. Onew said something for a laugh but everyone was silent.

Hyunmoo: All of you will only have this reaction when Onew-goon said this kind of stuff?
Key: If we don’t do that and responsed to him, he will go even further.

Credits: 好奇心大过胜负欲,tconditional
 translation: eimanjjong
shared by: nuha^^jinki@MYJinki

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