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Saturday, March 17, 2012

[INFO] 120316 Making of Film for Sandara Park & SHINee’s ‘Etude Kiss Note’ Story revealed

Earlier in the month, cosmetics brand Etude House picked up two of Korea’s biggest superstars, SHINee and 2NE1‘s Sandara Park to endorse their product through a ‘Kiss Note’ story. The series was quite popular, accumulating more than 1 million views altogether and now a special “Making of” film for the series was unveiled.

Similar to the movie ‘Death Note’, Sandara Park would write the names of the various SHINee members in a ‘Kiss Note’ book using the Etude lipstick and receive kisses from Professor Jonghyun, Basketball Star Key, and Suave Minho. Unfortunately, Server Taemin ended up kissing a window instead of Sandara and Onew couldn’t participate in the filming due to his ankle injury.

In the making of film, you can see extra footage which includes Taemin actually kissing Sandara on the cheek. They also teased fans by saying, “You will see the hottest their real Kiss scene soon.”

Check out the making of film below!

Wanna be Sweet? PLAY ETUDE!The newest Dara & SHINee’s Kiss note making film is coming up now.
You will see the hottest their real Kiss scene soon.
Getting nervous and looking forward to seeing the film, Yeah~!!

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