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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

[TRANS] 120328 SHINee at Ten Ten Radio

-tenten club. onew says that he believes that key will do well in the musical by himself without him (onew) giving advices cos key picks up things fast.

- jonghyun said that key is busy with musical so he couldnt attend this radio show.

-DJ: taemin's hair is so pretty
 tae: than..thank...thankk....that was a compliment right?? 
 DJ: of course!!

-DJ LeeSeokHoon is close to Onew and Minho. he drank with Onew before last year. in Simon D's house with Tony An, etc.

-Jonghyun says that many foreign musicians participated in their album this time round.

the boys are all praising the DJ saying he's popular among girls and then the DJ was like "where did my wallet go?" i think he meant that he wanted to give them money. HAHAHA.

talking about Key and his drinking habits again. jonghyun is gonna start again. he cant stop talking lol. he said that key is the annoying style kind

-key will go to mino's bed and aegyo to him "i drank~~!"

-Taemin forgot to return the mike pack (i think today) then someone called the manager saying it seems like Taemin took the mike pack and the manager (he was driving) was thinking how could it be, this person must be the manager just turned back and asked "taemin-ah, did you take the mike pack along with you?!" and taemin totally just went "yes". then the rest of the boys were thinking that this is such an important and urgent matter yet he was joking around. they thought taemin was kidding. in the end taemin really fished out the mike pack. Onew saw him taking it out but he thought taemin was kidding so he assumed that the thing he was taking out was something that looked similar, maybe a handphone or something, but when he saw it clearly, it was really the mike pack.

-Minho said that there was once Onew was drunk but he kept opening the new bottles... opened about 30. Onew didnt know about this incident until today. he said that he likes to open bottles.

-Jonghyun cant drink but has now improved...he used to be able to drink only 1 glass of soju but now about 3 (or did they say 3.5...)

-someone asked who did the kissing sound in alarm clock and the answer was Minho. initially Jonghyun said Onew but Minho said it was himself...

-Jonghyun did the goat imitation again LOL. DJ: i havent seen Jonghyun in awhile, seems like he has changed alot (t/n: DJ most prolly meant that Jonghyun became really funny)

-Jonghyun wants to bring laughter to his followers so he started SNS. he says that he will work harder towards this field. LOL.

-Minho was saying again that their life is very interesting like a sitcom.

-[topic: most embarrassing thing]
Jonghyun said that it's the best to talk abt the person who isnt here - Key. Jonghyun said Key has a very tough part in Lucifer, there were many times Key said that his condition was not good and there was one day (Jonghyun said that it was at an overseas perf but he cant remember which country) he really couldnt do that part so he went on stage and really very directly..................cracked. (t/n: Jonghyun sang that part in falsetto just now, it's the 'hwonhi deuryeoda bogo nwereul manjyeo pabo-dwen guht gata' part. it's one of the higher pitched parts...)

-the one who makes food well?
they're talking about taemin adding honey and milk, etc. again... taemin cooks, but doesnt eat. lol. minho said that he is someone who doesnt pick on food...but when he ate taemin's cooking, he said "taemin, im really sorry... but... lets dump this away". DJ was saying that the topic is about cooking well but they ended up talking abt the worst. lol. so jonghyun said that key makes food well. they will praise key to make him happy so he will make food for them... the boys are all like "he's a really kind friend"

who's like the alarm clock in the group?
everyone agrees it's Jonghyun. Jonghyun is easy to wake up... the moment the manager wakes him up, he will wake up immediately. sometimes when the manager opens their room door, he will wake up. before the manager even gets to him. he wont wake up when the manager enters the dorm but the moment he enters the room, jonghyun will wake up.

- asked them to say ending greetings......everyone said pretty usual stuff but taemin was just like "SHINee World JJANG!" and that's all. ^^

-ended tentenclub. playing sherlock now cos they requested for it to be played again..

cr: byulbit
MC: Why do Fans love us making mistakes?
BLING: Perhaps they want to us the human side of us
MC: I thought of Onew’s condition.
Onew: There was once an outbreak of the beauty of human nature.
Taemin: During Radio Show.
MC: His voice broke 4 times in a row, I love Onew’s voice, his expression doesn’t change when his voice breaks.
(Onew personally Demostrates; saying he can break his voice inconsistently. HAHA)
BLING: Making people think that he is ADLIB?

Minho read: Who can cook best?
MC: Taemin?
Taemin: I can cook ramen the best!
Bling: Taemin, who wants to be healthy, he adds honey into the ramen, if the taste is too light, he will add chilli sauce, milk.
Taemin: There was once when I feel like cooking ramen, I cooked; the taste was too light, I added chilli sauce, too spicy, i added honey, then I felt that it is still not enough, i add milk.

Chinese Translations: 好奇心大过胜负欲 weibo

English Translations: NINGZzhi

[Radio] "TEN TEN" Lee Sok Hoon Radio Show Highlights 1

Once Jinki, the DJ (Lee Sokhoon), Simon D went to someone's house to drink and brought along a box of oranges. Jinki kept peeling oranges feeding to everyone until his nails turned yellow. DJ asked Taemin on how he felt about Immortal Song 2, Taemin mentioned that it is incredible, and honourable to be standing on the same stage as many outstanding seniors. Taemin also mentioned that he is really thankful that the DJ onced taught/guided him to sing.

Jonghyun admitted that their (SHINee's) songs are really difficult (to sing), the pitch is high, the melody is complicated and members have to harmonise themselves but nevertheless, it was a really enjoyable experience. Jonghyun said to Jinki that "Oranges are rich in Vitamin, which is good for health, so (he) should eat more... If he were to only feed everyone, (and left with nothing) Onew-hyung can eat the skin too"

An audience sent in an sms which said that she once went to watch SGWANNABE's ("Ten Ten" DJ Lee Suk Hoon's group) concert but ended up getting captivated by SHINee who was also performing there. Jonghyun then praised the DJ that he is handsome and young but the DJ replied "Where's my wallet!". After praising Jonghyun, the DJ mentioned that Jonghyun is actually really naggy to the extent that it is kind of irritating. Jinki continued by saying that it is indeed irritating ^▽^

(The other members mentioned that) No matter how early Kibum return to their dorm, he will still wake every member up and will keep inquiring what the other members have eaten. When Kibum drinks too much, he will run to Minho's bed and tell Minho seductively "Someone is drunk~"

Jinki mentioned that Minho thinks that he himself has high alcohol tolerance. To be honest, he can really drink but he will start to nag continuously. Jonghyun says that after drinking a lot, Minho will start to nag in a really "Manly" manner (S/N : It's hard to describe : Like how he will converse like a man/ adult, mature topics.)

Minho says that Jinki will pop the bottles using spoon/laddle. Jinki mentioned that he really like to open bottle caps. It was also revealed by Minho that Jonghyun has low alcohol tolerance level - his face will flush after drinking only one cup of soju. Taemin is also of a legal age to drink, Jinki mentions that Taemin can now attend gatherings, Jonghyun has a feeling that Taemin is an upcoming "rising star" (in drinking).

Something big happened today. After rehearsing for some music program, they boarded their car. Not long after, the PD called to ask if someone has taken the mic-pack. The manager turned to Taemin and asked "Taemin-ah.. did you not return the mic-pac?"..Taemin then replied "Yes" in a really innocent and clueless manner and removed the mic-pac from his waist. Taemin spoke in such cute and as-a-matter-of-fact manner that left the manager and other members speechless; and they have no choice put to return all the way to return it.

Radio audience asked Taemin what was the main difference between his 20s and 10s. Taemin replied that he feel that he is cooler now ^^;;;

Minho says that Jonghyun's twitter can relieve one's day worth of stress. Jinki says that Jonghyun's twitter fans increase 10,000 a day. Jonghyun proclaimed that "I feel that I am really influential" and then immediately apologise, and say that he will be more hardworking doing SNS ><

They started talking about the members most embarrassing events. Firstly, about Kibum, Jonghyun says that Kibum has a really intense part in Lucifer. Sometimes when they fly long distance to overseas for events, he will break his voice for that performance.

Kor-Chi : TSCONDITIONAL // Chi-eng : soundtracklove@soompi 

VJ Asked who has the best culinary skills among the members, everyone mentioned Kibum at first. But then they say that it not really culinary skills but more of having the skills to make 3-minute meals. Actually if everyone just praise Kibum that he does it really well, Kibum will be really happy and will cook a meal for them. kekeke Not just his portion but he will make your portion too. So because everyone finds it a hassle, so they just let Kibum do it.

Members expose their drinking habits : Because Key was not present, so all the members decided to expose him first. Jonghyun says that Kibum is someone who irritates people easily kekeke  he will call to others in the dorm and wake everyone up kekeke If he drinks too much, he will throw up..

Kor-Chi : KEYBOMI // Chi-eng : soundtracklove@soompi 
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