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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

[FA] 120328 SHINee at Hottracks Fansigning

-Onewrang noona asked Onew at yest fansign that if he remembered the Sherlock cake from her fansite support and he said yes^^
cr: sachia92

-MrMinho's fansite noona asked Minho why he does not start a twitter acct, Minho answered because he does not play twitter.

-Yesterday at 1st Fansign Venue(Times Square), only Key was allowed to write "TO" on albums; 2nd Fansign Venue, none is allowed.

-At 2nd Fansign Venue, before a shawol even reached Minho for autograph, Minho was seen 'practicing' signing! (Lol! So cute!)

Heeae (Smile Heart) asked key if he had any kissing scenes with the female lead for 'Catch Me'. Key didn't answer but he shyly nodded his head.

*Note: Heeae only ask if there’s any kissing scene but didn’t state where will Key kiss the female lead. (:
cr: heeae

At the fansign today, sweetheart noona brought along their fan made paperbag and ask key...
sweetheart: do you remember this?
key: of course! you made it?
sweetheart: do you like it?
key: yes! i like it! (pointing his finger at the paperbag and at the same time, examined the bag)
Credit: SweetHeart
Trans: jasmineeetan


I emphasised many times that I bought 18 albums; actually I am a really poor high school student, so buying 18 albums is really alot, so I told Taemin that I bought 18 albums and gave my classmates kkk I really did give some to my classmates kk In the end, Taemin told me that he himself bought 70 albums! kkk

I guess Taemin really bought 70 albums himself, he kept repeating that he bought 70 albums. I also told Jonghyun that I bought 18 albums, in the end Jonghyun was shocked and said “How can a student has so much money!!” kk Because I wore an uniform to the fansign venue.

That’s why I said I used 1year & 6 months to save, Jonghyun said Thank you TTTT (I almost cried out TTTT)

The funniest thing was I told Minho that I stay in Incheon, and the area which Minho lives is where I stay。 His former class teacher was also once my former class teacher. So I said I am also Incheon people!! In the end, Minho said “Ah!!! Ah!!! Which part of Incheon!!!” kkkk. Then I said, Oppa was also once a team leader of the sports team, I have all heard about it. In the end He “Ah!!!” kkkk However, because the security is rushing me to the side, while Key was signing, Minho was still asking me “Which part of Incheon?? Which School??” kkkkkk So cute ~~
Source: DC  
Chinese Translations: haitianyueye  
English Translations: NINGZzhi
shared by: nuha^^jinki@MYJinki

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