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Saturday, March 24, 2012

[FA] 120324 SHINee at MuCore Recording

MinHo asked: “has (you guys) listened to the radio yesterday?” fans shouts with excitement: “YES!!! I have!” Minho serious face:”have you watch salamander guru also?” Key stood behind him said:” That is your personal thing eh!!” XDD
Cr:DC, translation: ilovetaemin_

Recorded Stranger 4 times for Music Core, the lads are all exhausted TT The music just started for 5 seconds and it stopped, it went on a few times because the fans were noisy.... 5 of them were frustrated... Taemin is very good-looking todayTTTTTTTTT Long hair with a high pony-tail and another half pony-tail in the middle. Key's hair is green and gold. Looking forward to the mini Fan Meeting.

Source: dreyyy, translation: eimanjjong
shared by: nuha^^jinki@MYJinki

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