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Thursday, March 15, 2012

[FA] 120315 Fan account of SHINee outside SM

Fan account of SHINee outside SM:-

Good morning, Seoul! It was the right choice to wait outside SM entrance! Onew clad in a black knit top was inside the car taking selcas, heard me shouted his name and took a picture of us and even waved at us.

Used all my Korean vocabulary to chat with Kyung-Sik oppa, actually think oppa must be having a tough time having a conversation with me and vice versa. My adorable Taemin came out and made eye contact with me. I was all calm just squatting near the entrance and when I saw Kyung-Sik oppa, I actually rushed over to chat with him, my adorable boy shouldn't be scared off by me right? Hahaha. In the end, Taemin drove off with Kyung-Sik oppa as passenger, Kyung-Sik became the idol.

Actually when I just reached SM entrance, the first member I saw was Jonghyun, whom made a grand exit humming a tune. Because the manager was present, I didn't dare to take photos even though there wasn't a crowd at the company's entrance. I almost couldn't recognise Jonghyun whom was in a red shirt carrying his bag. I say Kim Jonghyun, did you purposely hummed a tune in your unique voice to let us notice you right? Hahaha.

Kyung-Sik oppa picked up Jonghyun around 10 plus. Spotted 3 lads from the rookie group after Jonghyun left. My Jinki left with Kyung-Sik oppa close to 12 when Kyung-Sik oppa came back after picking up Jonghyun. Taemin left with Kyung-Sik oppa close to 1. Kyung-Sik oppa came back again and picked up either Key or Minho around 1 plus, however I don't understand why can't all of them leave together in the big vehicle.

Credits: liuhesa, english translation: eimanjjong 

shared by: nuha^^jinki@MYJinki

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