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Saturday, March 31, 2012

[TRANS] 120329 SHINee in Shim Shim Tapa Photo Diary

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Source: @mbcsimsimtapa

120330 UPDATE: 
SHINee’s Back !!
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SHINee’s Back !! = SHINee’s breathtaking back !!

Sorry for this bad joke.
I’ll try it again ;

SHINee’s Back !!
They have returned after 1 year and 6 months,
The ones who love Shim Shim Tapa,
and the ones that Shim Shim Tapa extremely cherishes-
The five bling bling shining young men!
Key, Onew, Jonghyun, Minho, Taemin
샤이니 SHINee !!
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Aigo, so good to see you!
Aigo, so fun!
Aigo, so amusing!

Where did you go and just come back now TT-TT
We hope you’ll do a lot of Korean promotions TT-TT
But the uncomfortable truth is that you’re only promoting for a month. TT-TT
They were extremely hard to bring here.
We can’t just send them off, right?

We took a lot of pictures.
You’ll need to scroll down more than usual with the scrollbar.
For those with wrists in pain, go back on your own-
For those without time, skip it on your own-
Now then… Shall we fall into the SHINee world… together? :D

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The young men were excited
before the start of the broadcast.

Especially this young man-
Almighty key, KEY-
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As soon as his musical rehearsal finished,
he came in an instant to see Dong hyung,
but he came too early.................-┏

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(Key: Shindong hyung, when am I going in?
Shindong hyung, are you listening to what I’m saying?
Hyung~ Hyuuung~ Hyuuuuuuung~~!!)

He waited like this for 20 minutes
until the members came..........-┏
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And now SHINee is all together!
Is what we thought
but Onew went to the bathroom for a moment~!
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And now SHINee is all together!
Is what we thought.
but Onew went to greet the Blue Night DJ (Jungyeop)~!
뉴뉴 (T/N: It says New but she’s using it as a crying smiley.)
Onew Onew, where did you go !!!!!!
If you keep disappearing like that, we’re gonna cry뉴뉴
Scriptwriter noona wants to take a group picture, Onew 뉴뉴
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(Onew: Coming to Shim Shim Tapa feels like my hometown, so it feels good
Minho: Scriptwriter noona, please write on the monitor that we’re here.)

Onew is here >_<
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Onew is here overflowing with shabalshabal aegyo ^-^
(*to be shabal: Sing SHINee ballads well)
(T/N: But shabal is actually wordplay on shabang which means shiny.)

Now they’re all together!
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As expected, SHINee is coolest when they’re five-^^

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(Taemin: oh oh oh oh oh oh OH OH OH OH OH!!)
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(Onew: Gasp! Oollungikkullung, are you okay?
Taemin: Hyung, it hurts..)
SHINee keeps getting suffering because of ShimTa’s 29000 won maknae Oollungikkullung keke
(T/N: Oollungikkullung is a nickname for the “lie detector” device. It shocks you if you tell a lie.)

Posted Image
(Key: ACK!)
SHINee keeps suffering keke

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(Minho: MinhoooooOOOOOOOOO!
Key: Key!
Taemin: Hope both of you get it wrong..)
SHINee put their life on the line to solve the quizzes .............☞☜
Minho, you might get vocal cord nodules like that ...... ;ㅁ;

Posted Image
(Onew: Alright!
Taemin: I’m not really laughing)
SHINee knows how to accept the outcome~

Posted Image
(Minho: What crime do I have;)
I took a picture of him being dejected from losing the quiz
but SHINee makes it be mistaken for a 2012 S/S jean photoshoot *ㅁ*

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little fun + little fun + little fun
They let us hear all that we needed to hear,
and they showed us all that they needed to show us-
While the songs were playing,
they said how much they like Shim Shim Tapa
and how it feels like their hometown-
They talked to the point their saliva ran dry..
They’re like this! They’re like this!
So how could you not like them-

Posted Image
ShimTa severly cherishes
all five members of SHINee.

We wrote seriously.
It means it’s the truth.
It means we’re being really serious.
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Source: MBC SimSimTapa
Translations: kimchi hana @
shared by: nuha^^jinki@MYJinki

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