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Monday, March 26, 2012

[TRANS] 120326 Jjong Twitter Conversation & Tweets about SHINee

Jonghyun Updates his Twitter 9:25PMKST 120326

 Kimbab baby~~~
(T/N: Explodes like fireworks is Taemin’s line from Sherlock. He sings 긴 밤/gin bam/long night but Jonghyun replaced it with 김밥/kimbap/Korean rolls.

Jonghyun’s 4 Twitter Updates 120326
 I uploaded it but you can’t really see it. I almost crossed the Jordan River reading this…
T/N: “Crossing the Jordan River” means to go to heaven. In other words, Jonghyun almost died laughing.

Why can’t you laugh even when I tweet nonsense tweets… Why can’t you read it…

Jonghyun Updates his Twitter 9:13PMKST 120326

Chef….. I have something to say…
Picture Translation:
 You shouldn’t speak at all if possible because you drive the people listening insane.

Credit: realjonghyun90
Translation Credit: shiningtweets

암쏘 큐리어쓰 쪠에에!!! 고양이도 추네요. 전현무님 기대중입니다.
 I’m so curious jjyeeaahh!!! The cat is also dancing. I’m expecting of Jun Hyunmoo-nim.

Translation; mayafeby @
shared by: nuha^^jinki@MYJinki

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