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Thursday, March 22, 2012

[FA] 120322 SHINee at Mcountdown Recording for SHERLCOK Comeback!

[Fanaccount] SHINING SHINee @ M!Countdown 120322

starting , SHINee came out , they were laughing at themself when they ayback the video when they just debuted not long ! jonghyun laugh so dorkly !!!!
Key covered his face so shly !! keke Minho pull up his jacker and cover his face !
They boys dance so freaking sexily !!!!! jonghyun took
off his jacket folded up his sleeve OMG HIS HAND MUSCLE OMG

after that it’s Sherlock ;)
the boys dance fanchant DAEBAK !!!!!!
after that it ended ~~~~ the boys were so cutely stand together !
Jonghyun touch key hair and adjust for him JONGKEY AHHH alot of moments together!!!

and MC JOON MIR went up to give the kids roses
Joon and mir hugged them tightly too !!!! so sweet
they keep waving to SHINee world everyone miss them so dearly !!
before they leave the stage thu give a deep 90 degree bow ! I MISS THAT SO MUCH
in the hall everyone was so excited for their comeback even though they are not part of SHINee world :)

-Jinki that sangtae boy with the confetti
-Jonghyun that puppy boy ! sticking out his tongue , showing his muscles!
-Key that cutie cant see his eyes keke and Jonghyun and Taemin keep helping him to adjust his fringe for him for him
-Minho charisma is really OMG i cant explain in words !
-Taemin keke that cute maknae grooving sexily but cute at the moment

Credit: Forever_SHINee 2nd Admin

Translation of MINHOney’s fan account after Mnet recording:

mnet sherlock recording has completed… Allow me to rant! Freaking awesome!! The choreography this time is totally the best!!!!The best!!! Incomparable!! Not the ordinary group dance, super amazing performance depth, the lads were working hard, the visual effects are too good! Just very powerful very good very amazing. Hoo hoo hoo hoo. Finally understood why it will be this exhausting but it’s really too  amazing!!! Everyone must watch the live show. Sob sob…

Choi Minho’s hair today is short and curly, very good-looking, like a moving greek statue little child so adorable, exerted a lot of strength while dancing and when recording ended, he was so tired that he laid on the floor. When he heard the PD asked to re-record again, his little face twitched, super cute. They stopped immediately during the opening of the 2nd recording and he glared with his round doe-eyes and asked why, I’m dead dead. The lad then bowed and waved when recording completed, he waved and smiled bashfully.

Translation of lixiaoyesung’s fanaccount at Mnet recording:

4 denim jackets, Taemin in white with orange-red long hair, recorded twice in total, recorded once before the fans were allowed in.. Let’s talk about details, Kim Jonghyun while waiting for standby was flirting to the camera… While listening to the live stage response, Key received the loudest screams when he was rapping, daebak… Forgot other details temporarily, will update once I recalled, 70 people were allowed in for the recording, 5 of them greeted everyone in the end.. 

Translation: eimanjjong
shared by: nuha^^jinki@MYJinki

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