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Friday, March 23, 2012

[TRANS] 120323 SHINee at SBS SUKIRA Radio

Ryeowook: I heard that the covers of the album this time is “rated”
Jonghyun: Please do not use Pornographic vision to view the album cover. It’s art.
Sungmin: yes, art!!

shinee:我們在海外活動的過程中也一直充電 在準備著 一直在等待CB
Ryeowook: How’re 5 of you recently?
SHINee: We have been charging ourselves during all the schedules overseas. Always preparing , always waiting for CB.
Sungmin: Seems like it is tiring
Jonghyun: Today we have put up a heavy makeup XDD I guess this is the first time both of you see this kind of heaviness.
Sungmin: I guess this is my first time seeing your eyes so black (eye-liner)… not so bad !!

Main Points:
(Sungmin said he has twitter) Minho said, within one day, Sungmin gained over 100,000followers. Jonghyun said, he does not tweet about his personal life. He goes for the GAG Concepts.

瑉豪:啊其實我也不知道會那樣出來 我拍攝的時候就像’這不會就這樣放出來吧??’

Ryeowook: Minho, your concept this time is really handsome
Minho: Ah~Actually I do not know it will turn out this way, during the photoshoot , I was thinking “this will not be release right??”
Jonghyun: Only he thinks it that way ﹂_﹂


Minho said when Taemin listened to his hyungs talking, if 3 persons are talking at the same time, he will mix them together.

Jonghyun states an exmaple: “If one said he is going on an variety show, another one says going overseas and the 3rd person saying going some cooking variety show; then Taemin will hear it this way: “Going to an overseas’ cooking variety show”


Key said Minho’s weakness is too direct too mature, not not really that mature, is a child wanting to be an adult. Because even when he meets his friends, he will always pat their shoulder and says (using Uncle’s language) ’ you’ve worked hard’

1说自己想说的被5抢走了,然后5一拍手说啊我想说姐姐来着,然后DJ哥哥们骗他说电台可以编辑了重新来的然后让他再说一次,泰攻就真的又说了一遍,哥哥 们都笑瘫了。

Q&A time!
Q: In which song do you think you look most handsome?

Key: A,Mi.Go
Minho: Juliette
Jonghyun: RingDingDong because my hair during that period has 3 colours layered.
Taemin: Lucifer
 Onew said what he wants to say has already been said by all of them;

*Taemin clapped his hand once*
Ahh~ I wanted to say “Replay”
 Then DJ hyungs bluffed him saying that the radio session can be edited and do it once more, (then Taemin said it again) ——> THE REST OF THE HYUNGS LAUGHED!!
Chinese Trans: ISUNGMINCC ; tsconditional ; MrMinho
English Trans: _almightyblings (NINGZzhi)  

when mingkey were being annoying while jjong was talking, sungmin asked them what they were doing. then they said they were just joking. key said it was cos jjong is talking for too long.

jonghyun says minho seems to feel lonely these days. he will ask the members what they did today.. then after the members said, he will ask again "really?"

key says that jjong differentiates clearly between like and dont like. he decides really fast on whether he should befriend someone or not.

the boys say that tae will mix up everything he hears into one. (eg. someone says we're going overseas, someone else says we're going on a show, 3rd person says we're gonna cook), so when taemin absorbs it, it becomes we're going on an overseas programme to cook. then tae said that he doesnt know how to tell lies from truths well. then the rest were like WTH WE'RE NOT LYING TO YOU, you mixed everything up!

the boys were supposed to choose a promotional period that they like (or something? i didnt catch the question) then they already sorted it in advance by themselves and decided who to say which promo period. but tae was mixed up. he said Lucifer, which was what Onew was supposed to say. then everyone's like, you said Onew's.............. and tae was so surprised. i think he didnt realize at all. then they let him rewind and say again, so he really repeated his words and changed it to the correct promo period he was supposed to say, which was Replay.

Minho asked the DJs to play Alarm Clock on the show. All 5 of them like the song alot. They promised to play it tomorrow.

onew couldnt squeeze out any bad points abt key. then key said "dont have right??" and then jjong was like "actually the relationship between the two of them are not close enough to be talking abt each others' bad points". LOL. so they had to do a video message to each other. LMAO

the DJs say that when they search sukira, the 1st related search that appears will be SHINee. and Sungmin got slightly angry cos it should've been him instead. lol.

Key said that Minho just acts like a grown up (t/n: meaning he's actually not, just faking like a grown up). and that Minho is actually an adorable friend. (Jonghyun was ganging up with Key on Minho at this part lol) Jonghyun Key and Minho have been playing around in sukira actually. fooling around among themselves lol

Key said that Minho just acts like a grown up and that Minho is actually an adorable friend.

Minho said that Sungmin&Ryeowook's DJ-ing is different from Teuk&Hyuk's. it's like, Sungmin&Ryeowook's has the atmosphere. So Jonghyun told Minho that whatever he just said is a very dangerous comment cos it indirectly meant that Teuk&Hyuk's DJ-ing has no atmosphere. but Minho said "that's true!", adding that Sungmin&Ryeowook's is atmosphere while Teuk&Hyuk's is pleasant/merry.
cr: byulbit

Sungmin said Jjong used to send messages KTR previously but hasn’t sent once since Sungmin & Ryeowook took over. Key said Jjong is going towards SNS direction. Sungmin said Jjong has twitter, Minho said sometimes Jjong’s followers can be more than ten thousand in a day. Jjong said he won’t tweet about daily life in his twitter, “I’m going gag style.”

Ryeowook said even now this camera PD also thought Taemin is a gal…  Sungmin teased Jonghyun about his eye-makeup, Jjong said, “You don’t know right, mine is called smoky eye-makeup.” Sungmin said, “This is the first time I seen smoky makeup covered half of the eye-lids.
Source: tsconditional

Ryewook: Minho requested me to play “Alarm Clock”. Minho: This song is in our album, it’s really a very good song, 5 of us like this song very much. Ryewook: Then we will definitely play it. Jonghyun: (because he wrote the lyrics..) Thank you very much if really play it, then there will be an increase in my savings account!!
SHINee asked to say about each other’s strengths. Onew to Taemin: Very nice hands; Taemin to Jonghyun: Very funny when he’s talking; Jonghyun to Minho: very sincere appearance no matter under any circumstances always very sincere; Minho to Key: always have sense even on stage too; Key to Onew: Very
Source: MrMinho

All along everyone has said that Taemin is confused and gullible, when asked about their personal favourite song. He said Lucifer and when he heard Onew also said Lucifer, he went: Ah actually I wanted to say Replay. Everybody laughed. Sungmin lied to him and said: It’s ok, you can say it again and we will edit it. Taemin actually believed him. Everybody laughed again…

Source: taemchul
Credit: eimanjjong

-Jjong mentioned that Key was goodlooking during amigo period, with his fringe really long covering one side.
-Key knows that Jonghyun has been tweeting. 
cr: faithstar

-Jonghyun wrote the lyrics for 'honesty' on the plane. 
-Minho said taemin often talk to himself LOL
-Jonghyun: "I love you" Key: "Yes, I love you"
[cr: lipsandlove]

-Taemin said that the Sherlock dance is really tiring.
-SHINee played rock paper scissors and Key won, hence the song he thinks is cool (A.Mi.Go) is being played.
-"Minho said sometimes Jjong's followers can be more than ten thousand in a day."
(cr maknaeTaemin)

-The camera PD thought Taemin was a girl.
-Sungmin said the script the writers prepared today is extremely long cuz they waited long for SHINee. 
-Key: "Your followers increase by 10,000 a day" seem like key is stalking jjong's twitter.
 [cr: shineeekey]

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