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Friday, March 23, 2012

[FA] 120323 SHINee at Music Bank Recording

Tweet by KBS Entertainment reporter: Super Junior's Donghae made a surprise visit and bought pizza and fried chicken to celebrate SHINee's comeback. I ate a slice of pizza.

cr: eimanjjong

Jonghyun and Mir @ Music Bank 120323
After MBLAQ finished recording at Music Bank, MIR went to the audience and watched SHINee. At the end, Jonghyun came over and saw him, shook hands and hugged him. Source: dreyyy
via: eimanjjong

SHINee has completed KBS Music Bank recording. Their outfits today are the outfits in the museum scene in the MV, Key didn’t wear the glasses though. They recorded 3 times.
Source: Heeae


SHINee recorded 3 times. They sang with all their might when they thought the 1st recording was AR. Taemin slipped during the 2nd recording and hit the flame projector, the flame projector was shaking but he’s okay.

Cute SHINee moments from KBS Music Bank recording:

Taemin stared at the camera and asked, “How much is this?” Key replied, “Have to top up another twenty thousand after selling you.”

Minho said sexily, “Ah, it’s wet.”

When Key is standing, he would always tousle Minho’s short hair.

Taemin kept saying, “oh yeah~” and continued practising when he’s not satisfied with the dance.

Jonghyun kept asking, “People who came yesterday? Going tomorrow?”

Think it’s Minho whom told Jonghyun to move back slightly, Jonghyun jokingly replied, “Don’t want!”

Jonghyun asked whether if all bought their album, think it’s Taemin who said he bought 70 copies.

Jonghyun while dancing the freeze part, jokingly said, “My arm can’t stretch upwards”

Someone asked Jonghyun whether his neck is okay.

Taemin said he likes the smell of rain.

Source: For_SHINee_World
shared by: nuha^^jinki@MYJinki

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