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Friday, March 23, 2012

[TRANS] 120323 SHINee at SBS Youngstreet Radio


Jonghyun said that they have been wanting to meet fans badly~ During the first comebacj stage, they are really anxious; They mentioned that the dance this time is really requires high energy level, they are unable to consecutively dance 3 times.


SHINee mentioned that the topless concept this time is definitely not their idea, (when asked when front cover is out, who likes his cover best?) Jonghyun said all of them are happy with it, and continue saying that this time round, the cover is suppose to be taken like this (thin), that is why they took a week’s diet before the photograph shoot.

4說這次裸露的秘密是——他們這次使用膠片照相機拍攝的,所以拍出來後顯得肌肉少,而且2的照片出來後還特意修掉了肌肉,其實鍾鉉哥的肌肉快趕上龍 珠里的 角色了;3說昨天錄人歌的時候,他去上廁所,洗手的時候突然一個女生進了男廁所,然後他嚇了一跳,一看是泰攻,泰攻說他最近進廁所嚇到了很多人

Minho said their secret to their topless concept; when they were doing the photoshoot, they used film lens, that’s why their photo when developed, the abs seems little. Moreover, when Jonghyun’s photo is out, they specially went to edit it.

Key said when they are doing Inkigayo Pre-recording, they went to the washroom. When washing his hands, he suddenly see a girl coming into the men’s washroom. He was shocked, but actually it was Taemin. Taemin said this happens recently.

Musical & Love
Key asked about a question on Musical; Onew said during the Musical, within 2 hours one can learn alot of knwledge from the Professionals, it is definitely a treasured experience. Following on to talk about Jonghyun’s topic: “being experienced in love”, Key said, yes, I’m good in being in love with Musical, Jonghyun said “Love is LIfe!”

Key’s Clothings
Key really has too many clothings, almost can set up a store! Minho says not only he has too many clothings, he has too much accessories too; Everytime he sees a nice accessory, he will buy immediately. Key said he will never throw his accessories away; Minho says not true. That time in Japan, Key threw a whole box of it. Key said it was after the interview, I forgot where I placed it.

Restricted from 19!
Minho said he wants to blackout Taemin’s Computer, he said after Taemin becomes an adult (officially - 20years old), he wants to see what are the informations on the internet. *Jonghyun then repeatedly mention “information information”* Taemin said, actually he have not touched his computer for too long already.

Chinese trans: tsconditional
English Trans: NINGZzhi

Jonghyun said he will stammer whenever he's lying...

Jonghyun: Me.......For my scenario... is stammering
Key: When telling a lie?
Jonghyun: Yes
DJ: Where are you? Home home home home...... at home
Jonghyun: Ah, No...... for example I will go to the gym. But if I go to the gym late, Minho-goon will ask: Hyung, where are you? Because we are staying in the same room......I will say: I'm, I'm exercising......I'm actually not lying! But why will I stammer! Unless he's my boyfriend? Minho is mine?
Minho: Why would you stammer?
Jonghyun: Sometimes Minho-goon is the persistent type
Minho: It's not that......
Key: Must know everything, like what are you doing there
Jonghyun: If Minho-goon asked where are you, I will say exercising, he will ask: "Now?" Of course I will go late if the schedule ended late ah! But he will definitely ask: Sure? Really? Really sure? This habit of his ah really.... ... Really Minho.
DJ: Minho-ssi
Minho: Yes
DJ: Is this true?
Minho: It's true.
DJ: Wah, this look (Jonghyun: with a look of confidence)

Source: haitianyueye

Asked Onew how's his strength in musical is, Onew said I'm no. 1. Asked Minho if he's really a hacker, whose computer would he most want to hack into. Minho said Taemin.

Jonghyun kept talking non-stop, Taemin is a bit chatty too. Boom said he personally likes SHINee's songs very much, started from Love Like Oxygen, he often listens to JoJo in the car. Jonghyun said We really want to meet the fans very much~ They were very nervous during the debut, the lads said the choreography this time is really extreme, they are unable to dance thrice in a row. Jonghyun said he specialised in love(?)
Source: tsconditional
translated: eimanjjong

Posted Image

120323 SHINee on Young Street II:-
The lads said the nudity this time is definitely not their idea, when asked who was the happiest when the cover came out, Jonghyun said all were very happy. Jonghyun said he actually needs to be thinner for the cover, so he was dieting a week before the shoot.

Minho said the secret for the nudity this time is: they used film camera for the photoshoot this time, so they looked less muscular after the photos were developed. They actually specially edited Jonghyun’s muscles after his photos were developed, actually Jonghyun hyung’s muscles are catching up with Dragonballz’s character.

Key said when they recorded Inkigayo yesterday, he went to the restroom and was washing his hands when a lady came into the male restroom, he was shocked and then noticed that it’s Taemin. Taemin said he has been scaring a lot of people recently when he goes to the restroom.

While before Inkigayo started, because of Taemin's long hair and pretty appearance, he was shocked when he saw Taemin, BOOM continued and said shocked. During Music Bank recording, a staff asked them who is that lady, very pretty! Taemin said he would shocked people whenever he goes to the restroom, so in order to let others be prepared, he would clear his throat while going into the restroom...
Credits: tsconditional,
translation: eimanjjong

-They met Haha backstage and the first thing Haha did was give thumbs-up and said that their stage was fantastic.

-Concept was slim so the boys dieted urgently for a week.

-Minho said that there's a secret to disclose. Actually Jonghyun had more muscles than we see...It's just that it was too much so they edited it off (lol is this for real)

-Jonghyun said that they live together with the managers. With so many people, their life is like sitcom.

-Key said that he and Jonghyun are the ones who dont mind movie spoilers. They can accept people telling them the ending of the movies. But Minho is the kind who would refuse to hear the spoilers.

-Jonghyun said that there was once they did a hidden camera with the manager (or was it just bluffing him, not camera, i dont remember) on Key on his birthday and it was so obvious but Key was still fooled. The reason was really stupid too. It was about not cleaning up the area around the rubbish bin. Key even cried.

Disclaimer: the livestreaming was so terrible it kept buffering so the things i've said above might be distorted...already tried my best to exclude all the details i absorbed that are most probably wrong...

Credit: byulbit

Minho has a fast reaction; Jonghyun seemed to be tongue-tied when he's lying.
Source: yinyuetaishinee
Credit: eimanjjong
shared by: nuha_jinkiMYJinki

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