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Saturday, February 23, 2013

[TRANS] Jjong Tweets+Tweets Mentioned SHINee

Today’s laughter bangbang SHINee interviewviewviewview heh And, its not that photos couldnt be taken! Shining SHINee (cringe)

Credit: bbangmk
Translation Credit: Forever_SHINee [5]

: "I dislike ham but...? (Hey Jonghyun! You're being too harsh on your words!) if it's till this extent i'll eat it that....make you see my sincerity...?!! Dajung-sshi thank you, i'm always reading your comics well~~^^

"I made ham cocktail sausages, try it~"
"heumph......I made it and came but why can't you eat it..."

@/ws1052sky: SHINee's Key came to the Full House filming set yesterday! Totally excited MC and uncomfortable family's Jimin and Jinhwa~ ha. You'll be able to see Key on next Friday's Full House. And don't forget to tune into Full House at 8:50PM today!! ^^
(T/N: Amy Kang is a scriptwriter for the KBS variety show, Full House.)
: RT : Oh~ Shawols even made staff hoodies!!! Thank you(_ _)  
trans: shiningtweets

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