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Sunday, February 10, 2013

[NEWS] 130210 Lunar New Year special ‘SHINee’s Wonderful Day’ shares preview of “Dream Girl” choreography?

SHINee‘s own Lunar New Year special, ‘SHINee’s Wonderful Day‘ aired earlier today in Korea on MBC.

As SHINee are preparing for their comeback with “Dream Girl“, the special documentary gave a brief glimpse of their upcoming choreography as the boys danced in SM’s famous cloud dance practice room. The narrator states that the boys are working hard as the prepare for their comeback. However, since the narrator doesn’t specifically state that the choreography is for “Dream Girl”, there’s a chance they’re practicing the choreography for their upcoming Japanese single “Fire“.

The special featured the SHINee members visiting various countries and enjoying themselves in the respective countries. For the special, Onew visited Thailand, Jonghyun visited Japan, Key and Minho visited England, and Taemin visited Switzerland.

Check out the preview below!

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