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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

[TRANS] 130218 Jjong Twitter Update

Posted Image Jonghyun: Attending Smi was the most important turning point in my life and it was my best decision. They misinterpreted it. I’m just disappointed over everything but not regretful. (T/N: SHINee was featured in the March issue of NYLON KOREA. A question for the interview asked, “What do you regret the most?” to which Jonghyun replied, “Dropping out of school.” But Jonghyun didn’t mean that so he’s correcting the interview. SMI is the Seoul Music Institute, the music school that Jonghyun attended prior to his debut.)
Posted Image Jonghyun : There are twelve hours left! Hehe!
Posted Image Jonghyun : Hey, nims shivershiver. I am listening to Dream Girl shivershiver. Jealous? Kehe. Actually listening to it live kehe. The feeling is like drinking soda! ke

Translated by @shiningtweets

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