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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

[NEWS] 130219 SHINee's “Dream Girl” MV and dance version MV to be released on the 19th

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The music video for SHINee’s 3rd album title track, “Dream Girl”, will be released worldwide today through SHINee’s official homepage, the SMTOWN Youtube channel, and various music sites.

The “Dream Girl” MV was shot in the beginning of February at a set in Kyunggido Namyangju. Director duo DIGIPIDI, famous for their unique and experimental way of directing music videos, put SHINee’s charming images into a sensational video. The plot revolves around the members who are unable to forget a girl they met in their dreams. The matrix camera makes its reappearance along with a trampoline and various advanced filming techniques to create a dynamic video that is sure to attract a ton of eyes.

For the fans who love to watch SHINee’s choreography and moves, a dance version music video will be released simultaneously. The “Dream Girl” dance, choreographed by the renowned Tony Testa, features standing mics to create a flashy performance.

Source: Sports Dongah
Translated by: kimchi hana @

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