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Monday, February 18, 2013

[INFO] 130217 SM visual director Min Hee Jin reveals secrets behind SHINee’s album concepts

SHINee recently revealed a few secrets behind their teaser images during ‘SHINee’s Music Spoiler‘ on February 14th.

SM Entertainment‘s Visual and Art Directing department’s Min Hee Jin revealed some of the behind-the-scene stories from SHINee’s past album concepts.

She stated, “At the time, the idea was to make SHINee into non-idol-like idols. They are artists that are more free in their form and are closer to an art, rather than following a structure. This is what we tried to emphasize in their basic visual concept. I consider ‘Romeo‘, released in 2009, SHINee’s peak in terms of music and image. It is closest to what I think ‘SHINee’ is.

SHINee’s ‘Romeo’ album teasers and jacket photos had attracted much attention for the use of unique masks and accessories.

She continued, “A jacket photo or a teaser image is the identity of a group’s album and takes much thought and consideration. We try not to miss a single detail in our cuts. The images that you see have some meaning to all of them.”

She pointed out, “The black tape on Key’s sole, for example. Even something as small as that was placed their for a reason. Key grabbing the carpet with his left hand was also planned.”
Regarding SHINee’s third full-length album, she stated, “I tried to include what I’ve gathered from talking to each of the members by putting their thoughts into images. Each of the images has some kind of idea that the members wanted to present to the public. It should be entertaining to try and figure some of those puzzles out. Try not to miss any of the small details. We looked for fresh ideas and images. Instead of working with famous artists and photographers, we worked with up-and-coming talents with new ideas.

SHINee’s new album ‘Dream Girl‘ will include two parts: ‘Chapter 1. Dream Girl – The Misconceptions Of You‘ and ‘Chapter 2. Dream GIrl – The Misconceptions of Me‘. ‘Chapter 1′ will be revealed on February 19th through various online music sites, and the boys will make their comeback on the 21st through Mnet‘s ‘M! Countdown‘.

Source + Image: My Daily via Nate
cr: allkpop

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