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Thursday, February 21, 2013

[TRANS] 130220 SHINee Tweets+Tweets MEntioned SHINee

어머니 땡글하시네유

Onew Conversation
@/Famous_Jae: I like Majingki today.
: @/Famous_Jae Majing~ki

@/leehyukjoo:  Floating in the air man~
: @/leehyukjoo Floating in the air????
@/leehyukjoo: Floating in the air man~
: @/leehyukjoo It's useful?
@/leehyukjoo: Just a bit? Haha 

@/Fanous_Jae: I'm hunnngrryyy!
: @/Fanous_Jae Ah, I'm full.
@/Gucne:  Why is the conversation like this?! keke
@/Fanous_Jae: When are you coming?
@/Fanous_Jae: Lajingki!
@/Gucne: @/Famous_Jae  When your desire to see me reaches the sky
: @/Gucne @/Famous_Jae I guess I went too much if it's as much as the sky
@/Famous_Jae: @/Gucne That means you're not gonna come kekeke
@/Famous_Jae: @/gucne Lajingki, you wait for me right there.
: @/Famous_Jae @/Gucne Do I have to say this.. Come.. Hyung, when are you coming? (T/N: Octopus Alien is a song by the band Jaewon used to be in. Octopus in Korean is ojingeo. Instead of saying, "Eonje oseyo? (When are you coming?)" Onew said, "Eonje ojingyo? (When are you octopus?")
@/Famous_Jae: You're done for.

Jeon Hyun Moo
@/larryjunlive: Today! Finally! The members have come together! SHINee's wonderful comeback day♥ 

@/larryjunlive: [Naver] News : Jeon Hyunmoo hits himself with a mic "Humiliates himself by doing SHINee's mic dance"[Photo] TT My philtrum is kind of swollen 

Park Hyeong Seop

@/sc1676: The "It's been a long time, dream girl. You were waiting for me, weren't you?" part is super sexy!!??

@/sc1676: I'm going to enjoy the concert and go home!!^^ I'll upload pictures tonight

@/sc1676: I'll only upload 8 pictures today. I won't upload pictures that much from now on~!!

@/sc1676: I cut most of myself out and had SHINee as the focus in the SHINee pictures I uploaded today!! It's a present^^ Goodnight.

@/sc1676: I'll keep supporting you!! I will!! Good night~


SM Choreographer
Shinee ComeBack Show.
SM Choreographer twitter update mentioning #SHINee come back show 130220 - 
Shinee ComeBack Show
Credit: Shim jaewon 

Hongki FT Island

이 못난이 누구지? ㅋㅋ 드림걸 대박!!
who’s this ugly person? keke Dream Girl daebak!!

@/fromLZE: I went. No other words are needed. They're just the best!!!
@/gilsunghoon: Ah, the song is totally daebak!!  

@/yameyori: I'm working with SHINee's new song turned up and my mom comes into my room. "Is this SHINee's recent song?" "Yep." "It's better than the serious one last time!" kekekekeke

@/yameyori: Do you know the name of a new bag that only comes out one time? SHINee's bag

@/ddtion: The viewer ratings for SHINee's Wonderful Vacation has increased^^ Thank you

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