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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

[INFO] 130219 Video Chat with SHINee for Youtube's A-Pop Channel Opening Event

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Youtube recently opened a new channel to spotlight Asian pop music, and have planned a special event to commemorate its opening. SHINee will be participating in the first day of the event, a live chat with lucky event winners. The official notice can be found below.

[A-Pop Star Week]
Youtube's Apop Channel opening event!
You can meet and talk with SHINee on Google+ hangout!

First Day of The Event: Hangout with SHINee, live on March 8th.

To celebrate the launch of the Asian Pop channel on YouTube (, looking for participants to video chat with SHINee! Win a chance to video chat with SHINee by asking your questions on Google+. For more information on A-pop, go to

Applications Accepted
February 19th ~ 25th

On Air Date
March 8th

Application Instructions
(1) Insert hashtag #apopSHINee and include the following information on Google+:
- Name
- Age
- Nationality
- Your question to SHINee

(2) Set your post as "Public" and click "Share"!

Click on #apopSHINee to see who else has applied for this event.

Source: A-Pop Youtube
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