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Friday, April 20, 2012

[NEWS] 120420 SHINee wraps up activities after reaffirming their popularity: “See you in the second half of the year”

[News] 120422 SHINee Onew's thoughts regarding their Sherlock Promotions

Once SHINee's Well-known popularity has been justified, they will end their local activities "To see you again in next half of the year!"

Walking in to their last performance for (Sherlock included in) their new album, Onew stood out as a representative to relate their thoughts.

SHINee performed "Sherlock" on KBS 2TV "Music Bank" on April 20. That performance was their last music (performance) broadcast locally.

On that day, SHINee stood in front of the official stage to meet, and conveyed their feelings to the reporters. As SHINee's representative, Leader Onew spoke "As our local activities has been really short, we will work hard to present (to everyone) more sides and styles of us. During our very long absence, though we only had a short promotion period, we were still really happy and grateful that there were many fans who continued to give us love and support, hence we are really thankful (for that)."

During "Music Bank" live stage, it is really evident to see the weariness on Onew's face. According to some insider's info, Onew had practiced till 5AM in the morning that day. He did not even have the chance to catch a wink before he rush to Yeouido island to complete his schedules - it goes the same for other SHINee members. "Actually (I) look really tired, but (I am) not tired at all.. in fact, I'm so tired that I feel like dying!" He spoke in a jokingly manner with a smile on his face.

Their skinny figures have aroused many concern from the public. "We have been working extremely hard to eat!" Onew expressed "Are you curious about what I have eaten yesterday? At 3.30AM, I "nom nom" finished a handburger set and 6 chicken McNuggets!" He said it with much satisfaction and he looked adorable.

On that day. Onew kept showing an embarrassed expression due to my repeated praises for him. When faced with reporter's praises regarding album sales, singing abilities, variety sense etc, Onew showcased his unique Gag Sense and exude a sense of humbleness.

Furthermore, we have talked about the highlight of the "Sherlock" dance. The main point of the Sherlock dance comes from the cooperation of the 5 members. Even if there were a hint of mistake, the entire performance would have "collapsed".  If the 5 members teamwork had not been precised enough, such perfect dance could not have been achieved. A nickname for the dance is "Amputated statues dance" (S/N : Greek Statues).

Regarding this, Onew commented "(The) relationship (between our members) have always been really good, if we were faced with any problems, we were able to solve it well. Now everyone has been working really hard, that's good!" According to an insider's info, the reason why SHINee is able to showcase such good image, to get such good results is all because of a good leader who is able to control/manage the group and also also the trust between the members, being able to do well each individual roles in the group.

Everyone please anticipate, for their upcoming Japan activities around the corner and their full album (to be released) in the next half of the year. Onew has revealed his desires "After our Japan tour promotions have ended, we will immediately meet up with our Korean fans. I personally wish that I am able to do take up the challenge for another Musical at the last half of the year!" Also, feeling such a great pity that they were unable to showcase many of their personal activities, Onew commented "On another hand, we feel that it is a great relieve. I am able to do really well for Musical performances and related characters, so I really hope I am able to have such opportunities again and able to showcase a better image!"

In addition,SHINee's mini album "Sherlock" have clinched a triple crown award in music shows - a great result. Upon completing their local activities, they will start their performance on the 25th at Fukuoka and the surroundings for their arena tour. It is predicted that they will present a wholy different and unique appearance for their new album in the next half of the year. (Reporter : Won Won)

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Source : NEWSEN //  Kor-Chi : @Ring花椰菜 // Chi-Eng : soundtracklove@soompi

Article from newsen (20/04/12). Translated few main paragraphs.

Onew had obvious tiredness on his face when he met up with journalists on the scene of Music Bank. According to a staff, Onew stayed up till 5am with little rest and headed off to work. When asked “You look very tired”, he replied “Not at all, though I think I might die”, giving laughter with his humor.

When journalists gave concerns about him losing weight, Onew replied “I’ve been eating very diligently recently”. He asked “Do you want to know what I ate yesterday?” and cutely boasted about what he ate, “I munched on a burger set and six pieces of mcnuggets at 3am.”

Onew appeared to be shy when he was showered with compliments on this day. When journalist praised SHINee’s album sales as well as on his abilities in singing and variety shows, Onew responded humbly with his distinct humor.

Onew requested anticipation for the upcoming Japanese tour and the activities for the full album in the later year and expressed his ambitions, “When Japanese tour is over we’ll see our Korean fans soon. I personally want to be back on musical stages during second half of the year.” Although he missed not having solo activities in this current cycle, he explained “in a way, I think it was a good thing. I was able to get the chance to think in-dept of my strengths outside SHINee, on the musical stages and its characters in relation. I feel like I can show people a better me next time.”

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trans: onewthings
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