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Monday, April 2, 2012

[FA] 120401/02 SHINee at Fansigning Event

[Fan] (after signing) add an exclamation mark for me!
[Onew] exclamation mark? keke no~~
[Fan] if you don't add, i'm going to chase EXO~!(in a joking tone)
[Onew] (laughed and act like he's anxious over it) how many exclamation marks do you want?? faster faster! tell me!
(and the fan got 5 exclamation marks in the end) LOL
source: 9142
trans: lipsandlove

Onew: oh oh~ (see the fan's name) Yoona? 
 Fan: Yes keke I'm Yoona hehe Soshi keke 
 Onew: Oh really? oh oh~ 
 Fan: I kept it as a secret from my boyfriend that I came to the fansign today 
 Onew: Really?
 Fan: Yes we were supposed to have date keke 
 Onew: Oh SNSD? 
 Fan: Yes?
 Onew: A secret that you're SNSD? 
 source: dc gallery
trans: ilovetaemin_

【今日のサイン会レポ翻訳】 ジョンが自分のジャケット写真に、ほくろを描いてくれたとw w w 自分でもほくろの存在が気になっていたのかw ほくろ万歳\(^o^)/ ( ソースDC)
Due to concern of the missing mole, jjong hand drew a mole for a fan during today's autograph session ㅋㅋ

(drawing part) JH: This... is?
Fan: Wae? Nice?o.o ㅋㅋ
JH:what is this?
Fan: I'm an arts uni student -.-
JH: Oh? Arts.
(place a drawing) JH: This... is? Fan: Wae? Nice?o.o ㅋㅋ JH:what is this? Fan: I'm an arts uni student -.- JH: Oh? Arts.
sr: DC via: ELING

Taemin: to Key) "you use what kind of BB cream?"
Key: Missha(BB Cream brand)
Fans: "eh? Missha? "
Key shocked, his eyes open wide, so round and cute then said: "No, no, Etude, Etude!!"
Fans: "really?? Etude? "
Key: "Well, really Etude " (panic) LOL
Fans: "Etude that is~" (to agreement to Key)
Key: "Well good, very good, zzang! Zzang!"
(CR: DC)
trans: ilovetaemin_

Today at their Busan fansign, a fan asked Key what BB cream he uses, Key unconsciously answered “Missha”. Then when he realized it, his eyes went wide opened and started to explain “Aniyo, aniyo. It’s Etude. Etude”. Then he kept hitting Minho’s arm “What to do? I said I use Missha” ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Minkey is so cute ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
cr: ̣9142

Taemin Fanaccounts
1. Fan : Taemin-ah, you have a really small face
Taemin : You will get a greater shock if look at Minho hyung beside me

2. Taemin heard some fans curse vulgarities during fan-sign. He was seemingly surprised and said “SHH! You spoke vulgarities!”- his seemed to be in shock; really cute.

3. Because it was April Fool’s Day yesterday, fans wanted to tease Taemin. Fans wanted to trick Taemin that he has something stuck on his face and hoped that he will panick and say “where? “… However, what happened in reality was :

Fan : Taemin-ah, you have something stuck on your face.
Taemin : (Does that make me) look attractive/ charismatic?
Fan : No….
Taemin : ……
Fan : Taemin-ah, because of you, you spoiled my plan TT^TT
Taemin : I am sorry kekeke

4. One fan stuck her nail stickers in front of Taemin’s chest and made Taemin look at it. She said for the sake of Taemin, she has helped him to cover with her nails. Taemin “That looks obscene.”

5. Fan : How old do you think I am? Be honest.
Taemin : (You want me to be) Honest? The truth is…. 32 years old?
Jonghyun : Aigoo… (Her) expression is frozen!
Fan : Ah..okay, I.. got it…
Taemin : Today is April Fool’s Day ^^;;;

6. After the fansign has ended, Taemin spotted a fan and shouted in that direction to ask them to dance. Fans below were busily discussing requested that they wanted Taemin to sing to them. Taemin then said if they danced, he will sing for them. Kekekek Lee Taemin is making a deal with them! One fan danced Ring Ding Dong. To fulfil their request,Taemin sang “Honesty” to them!

Source : SHINee DC Gallery / Credit : / Kor-Chi : JT / Chi-Eng : soundtracklove@soompi
shared by: nuha^^jinki@MYJinki

FAN: Oppa why are you so handsome?
ONEW: I know
FAN: (laughs)
ONEW: What am I saying
FAN: You’re so handsome
ONEW: Thank you

ONEW: Hello
FAN: I saw you play shooting games during guerrilla date at Hongdae
FAN : You hit every target, it was so cool
ONEW: It is?
FAN: Yup
ONEW: I knew it (laughs)
FAN: Is there anything Jinki can’t do?
ONEW: None~

This fan wrote a message on her album for Onew to read:
“Jinkiya, you’re the best! I will always cheer for you.
You’re like my vitamins, I receive strength from you always~”
He laughed pointing at her note.
ONEW: The best! Vitamins!!
FAN : I woke up early in the morning for work so I’m feeling dazed
ONEW: I woke up early too~
FAN : What time did you get up?
ONEW: I got up at 6am ^▽^
FAN: I.. I got up at 4am
ONEW: You can’t call that sleep!

ONEW: Hello
FAN: You know, after recording of M!Countdown..(gives a picture)
ONEW: Wow did you draw this!?
FAN: Thank you for giving me the thumbs up..
ONEW: You drew this??!! (talking fast not allowing her to speak)
FAN: (laughs)
ONEW: (pointing at the drawings in the album)
ONEW: You drew more stuff here. You must like drawing.
FAN: (giving thumbs up) You’re the best! I wanted to say this to you.
ONEW: Thank yoooou~
FAN: I’ll calmly wait for you so please be back safe.
ONEW: Yuuuuup~

FAN: Thank you for being born.
ONEW: Aigoo!
FAN: Please keep singing!
ONEW: Of course, I will till I die old (laughs)

credits: 징쁘
re-cr: onewthing
shared by: nuha^^jinki@MYJinki

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