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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

[FA] 120417 SHINee Onew at '1000 Song Challenge' Recording

Lee Jinki is probably the third last guest to appear, his orange suit fits him so well Jinki is simply as tasty as a sweet orange oh !!!!!!!!!!!!

When he was testing the mic, he said, ’ Ah Ah im a prawn- you little Onew ah ah’ the things he mumbled after, i couldnt hear them clearly because the fans were screaming and clapping. Later when everyone finished testing, some fan still asked, ‘Why hasn’t Jinki tested his mic?’ = = hey girl, thats because you screamed too loud okay……

 Kim Jonghyun didnt come for the recording but without lemon jjong, there’s still orange Jinki~ In the same team with Jinki is old veteran singer Ha Chun hwa, she might have appeared on the same episode of Strong Heart with Minho before. Today seems to be her 50th year debut anniversary. You can see that she likes Jinki a lot, keeps talking to him.

 During the opening, MC Lee Hwijae said he wanted to learn Sherlock, so Jinki showed him, Jinki danced it with so much power so manly and not at all like tofu oh oh oh people loved it, but he tripped a little… The area where the stage joined together seems to be flipped upwards a little, he tripped there or it is because he used too much strength, its that jump jump and take picture Point part, and everyone was shocked when he tripped a little, Lee Hwijae and Han Minguan (Han Minguan is a gagman who went on DreamTeam with Minho before, would stick around during an idol sports meet once and even wrote ‘Who are you’ on his nametag) followed after him. Lee Hwijae dancing that part felt like gorilla but truthfully, its better than Jun Hyunmoo’s, Jinki then walked like a gorilla. MC Jang Yoonju said there’s a dumpling set as prize today, so Jinki kept thinking about that.

When it’s Jinki’s turn to sing it was Trot his best, he passed it without getting a word wrong, and when he was singing today the red light never flashed once, and his voice never broke too so touched T T

 Today’s trot was different from last times’, one was Seo Yun-do’s ‘Samba Lady’, the tune is Samba, so when Jinki sang til he was excited he twisted and twisted til the front of the stage, the stage wasnt very close to us at all, so him twisting was just to entice us, all the ladies embarassed screaming made him twist even more enthusiastically. Jinki how could you sing such a greasy such uncle-tune trot so perfectly ah ah ah. He seemed to have sung 3 trot songs in total.

 Jinki wasnt doing nothing when the rest was singing, the table at the back had a lot of props, small guitar harmonica, flute etc, the small guitar had a Winnie the pooh picture on it, so orange Jinki kept being cute with that small guitar, and he even wrapped the tube around his neck when he was playing the harmonica.

 Lee HwiJae mentioned about the children (SHINee) moving house… Jinki said yes they moved, Lee HwiJae asked if they changed their room, Jinki said Jonghyun&Taemin in one room, but he didnt specifically talk about the other 3, Lee HwiJae then asked, ‘Did you say that you didnt want to stay in the same room as Minho no matter what?’ then Jinki just shyly tried to mingle his way by vaguely answering.

 Sitting down after finishing a round with the sunbae, there were 4-5 bottles of water placed at Jinki’s legs, of course he gave them to the sunbae first, he opened the cap and held the cap in his hands, and capped it back after the sunbae finished drinking, he didnt even get to drink his own bottle, and continued to ask the Han MinGuan beside the sunbae if he wanted to drink, this kind of manners is really impeccable. And the sunbae really likes him too, not sure what but they kept talking. Lee HwiJae and Jang Yoonju likes Jinki a lot too, Jang Yoonju even praised that Jinki was No.1 among Idols singing Trot.

Getting down from the stage, he bowed to all the staff for their hard work, and got held back by them for all sorts of autographs and photos…

 After i went out to wait for him, he was sitting in a white little car today, he talked to a PD he knew beside the car for a while, and helped the staff to move the other prizes on the car too, Jinki was so nice so nice, under the sunlight he looked like the most handsome guy in the universe.

While recording the second half, he sat on the right side and the fans at the right side waved to him, he even talked to them a little, so our side waved and screamed for him too, he obviously noticed us too but still ignored, bad guy, he had the i-saw-you-but-im-not-going-to-bother-what-can-you-do look.

 My senses to recognise Jinki’s voice is amazing, when people sang through the mics and Jinki just sang along, i could still hear his voice distinctly. His all sorts of cuteness aegyo act-cool well-mannered oh oh oh orange Jinki is the best!!

 cr 状态组王力宏
Translation Credit: blingdinosaur
re-cr: forevershinee
shared by: nuha^^jinki@MYJinki

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