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Sunday, April 8, 2012

[FA] 120408 120408 SHINee @Jonghyun Surprise Birthday Party

1. After recording, (SHINee) immediately rushed for the birthday fanparty. Everyone was wearing very little. Room mates (Jongho) wore outfits that exposed their backs.. it was really cold.. Minho was holding a shirt but he could not fit it in so he just sling it over his shoulders. (It was so cold that) his neck was shrunk to his body - it looked so cute from behind~ Because the wind was blowing too strongly, the flame on the birthday candle went out once it was lighted. Minho took the initiative to light the candle but he could not start the flame - after meddling with the lighter for a while, the lighter gets too hot and slightly burned his hands. But because of his competitive spirit, he insisted on starting the fire, so he kept meddling with the lighter while squatting/ kneeling in front of the stage. In the end, the (candle) was still not lighted XD

2. Little kid (Minho) surrendered so he suportively pretended to blow the candle ^^ everyone said a few words for the birthday boy. Minho said that he was really happy that today is Jonghyun's birthday and wished  him Happy birthday. Jonghyun said that if only (Minho) were to treat him a meal he would be even happier - and all the fans cheered. (Minho) wanted to smear cream (of the birthday cake) on Jonghyun's face but the cake was made up of sugar - there was no cream. Minho and Taemin tried so hard but finally admitted it was impossible (to get cream off the cake). and Minho kept doing adorable gestures after that TT TT

3. Everyone (SHINee members) says that they wanted to beat/smack the birthday boy.. So Minho started to retreat back slowly pretending that he was preparing to do a flying kick to Jonghyun's butt. Jonghun bent his body forward but Minho just did a gesture and did not really kick.. fans felt that it was a pity. Jonghyun challenged Minho "Hit it .. Hit it.. (S/N : You dare to hit?) " - so Minho just raised his hands to slightly hit/pat Minho's face - the two of them were so cute TT TT It is a pity that the surprise birthday party was really short but many fans still attended. SHINee boys were really happy XD Once again, "Jonghyun-ah, Happy Birthday to you"
Source : MINHOney // Translation : soundtracklove@soompi

The birthday party was really short. Taemin was wearing the blue shirt with red pants which he promoted with it before (S/N : for yesterday's Music Core performance). The weather was so cold that he finally wore another black jacket. When he came onto the stage, he was holding 2 mics and he kept fidgeting on his feet (S/N : Taemin's feet habit). Once the cake was served, Taemin wanted to scoop up some cream to attack the birthday boy but the cake was merely for decorative purposes - inedible. (Once) Taemin realised that he could not get some cream off the cake, he showed a defeated expression and started to sway his body from side to side - it was so cute! But in the end, he still managed secretly smack the birthday boy's stomach *giggle*
Source : HEART MIND AND SOUL ( // Translation : soundtracklove@soompi
compiled&shared by: nuha^^jinki@MYJinki

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