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Sunday, April 8, 2012

[FA] Compilation of SHERLOCK Fansigning Event

[Fan Account] 120403 SHINee Daegu Fansign - Onew's Abs
Fan : It is rumoured that Onew has abs
Taemin : Eh? Heh heh..
Fan : Does Onew have abs?
Key : Just look for yourself keke
An : Is Onew's abs real?
Jonghyun : It is a commercial/business secret.
Fan : The leader has abs right?
Minho : I have it.
Fan : Onew.. abs...
Onew : You guess.
Source : SHINee DC Gallery (Taeedy) // Kor-Chi : @黑猫喝了一袋米的牛奶_dada // Chi-Eng : soundtracklove@soompi

[Fan Account] 120404 SHINee Fansign - Key's musical /Jongkey
(SHINee) addressed Key's absence (for the fansign event) - They said that he was absent due to his musical. Jonghyun felt really guilty for not being able to watch Kibum's musical, Taemin said he called Key-hyung to say that he is really apologetic about it. Jonghyun added "Actually Key's musical lines left a really deep impression on me, he always made me as the female actress to practice with him" Minho jokingly said that Kibum is always singing in the dorm... seeing him is still frustrating kekeke.
Source : SHINee DC Gallery dongsu0920 // Kor-Chi : NamYoungHeui // Chi-Eng : soundtracklove@soompi

Source / Credits : MrMinho // Translation : soundtracklove@soompi

[Fan Account] 120404 SHINee Fansign - Blur Taemin ^^
I wanted to show my photo collection to Taemin so I printed them out, gathered up my courage and presented it to Taemin. "Taemin-ah, this is..." Taemin immediately replied "Ah, this is amazing, can you show it to me?" It was so cute. So I said "Of course" then Taemin stopped signing and started looking intently at the paper/gift. However manager and cody were staring from behind I started to panic and wanted tomove on to Jonghyun. However, Taemin was still holding the paper and pen so I was unable to leave so I just said "Taemin-ah... what about my name.." Taemin was surprised "Aigoo, so sorry..I was lost in my thoughts...." Then he suddenly remembered that he was supposed to sign.
Source : KINDERGARTEN ( // Kor-Chi : DADA // Chi-eng : soundtracklove@soompi

[FA] 120408 SHINee's Sherlock COEX Fansign - JJONG
Jonghyun told me not to buy too many CDs, he will feel really sorry about it ㅠㅅㅠ Our cuties <3, for you the (money) for these CDs means nothing to me (S/N : willing to buy anything for him)
Credits : BLUFFJJONG // Kor-Chi  : @海天月夜 // Chi-Eng : soundtracklove@soompi

Onew : Hello~
Fan : Hello~
Onew : It’s XX ah~ (Reading fan’s name out loud)
Fan : Yes~ But Oppa! I went to Inkigayo (earlier), and my voice became hoarse (from screaming) TT TT
Onew : My voice has been strained too~
Fan : I really lost my voice TT TT Oppa has to compensate me! keke
Onew : My condition is even worse kekeke
Fan : Oppa! (When I say) Compensate, it means requesting you to draw me 3 hearts~!
Onew : No can do~
Fan : WHY!! My voice is really hoarse now TT TT
Onew : (Laughs and proceeded to draw one heart)
Fan : Oppa’s name is really pretty ke
Onew ; (Laugh) Mm~ Walk slowly (S/N : Be careful) ~

Taemin : Hello~
Fan : Mm TT TT Hello~ (I want to melt before him) Oppa, you are really handsome, you have grown up well, so handsome, you have grown up well, so handsome, you have grown up well, so handsome …
Taemin : (Laughs loudly) mm keke thanks keke What is this? (The note on the poster  says “Aiming for the 718th placing for the entire school”)
Fan : Because of oppa, I want to be placed 718 in the entire school for examinations.
Taemin : No~ (S/N : You cannot be like this) ~ You have to study~
Fan : Ah! Then Oppa please choose one! (Note says : “Taemin please write your height down keke 175, 176, 177…2m”)
Taemin : Height? kekeke oohh.. of course it’s this! (Picked “2m”)
Fan : keke Oppa what do you think of me?
Taemin : (Stared intently at the fan for 2seconds) Super cute and pretty!
Fan : Really? Oppa~ I love you~
Taemin :Mm keke
Fan : I truly love Oppa!
Taemin : Me too~

Fan : Zzan!! Oppa! (Fan does aegyo aggressively/ a lot of aegyo with hands?)
Jonghyun : (Opens his eyes really big) What is this!!!
Fan : This is my present to you kekek
Jonghyun : (This is) Your present? kekeke
Fan : Are you really going to take it away?
(Behind the members, there is a huge box to contain the presnts they have received - so the fan just gave out her present directly)
Jonghyun : Oh I am really going to take it, take back to my house~
Fan : Oh, then just take it back then keke
Jonghyun : (keke Laughs loudly keke)
Fan : Oppa! If you are 157, what about 45?
Jonghyun : Eh? 157cm 45kg ehm… that is too skinny
Fan : What? Skinny/Slimmed down !!
Jonghyun : Skinny/Slimmed down
Fan : It is not skinny at all!!
Jonghyun : I don’t like too skinny ones
Fan : TT TT TT are you saying that you don’t like me? TT TT
Jonghyun : No keke just grow some more meat ke
(Jonghyun started a conversation with Minho, while the fan just stood there blankly, Jonghyun Oppa realised that she has not walked away, he looked at her keke)
Fan : Really? TT TT
Fan : Yes~! keke Walk slowly (S/N : Be careful) ~

Fan : Hello!
Minho : Hello!
(While the fan was finding her paper/note, Minho kept staring at her, she regretted not seeing oppa’s face closely TT TT)
Fan : This~ !! Please recommend what exercise (I) should do! This one!
(On the paper, it is written : chicken fighting, soccer etc)
Minho : (Saw chicken fighting) What is this! keke (So he chose soccer)
Fan : But I hate soccer ~~!
Minho : What is this! Do as what I just recommended!!
Fan : I cannot play soccer (well)! Hate it!
Minho : What is this! Really keke Just do as what I recommended keke
Fan : I shall do it with oppa!! Oppa teach me please ><
Minho : Mm/ yes….
Fan : Ah ah ah ah ah you must TT TT go with me TT TT
Minho : Next time then~ let’s go together
Fan : really~ I love Oppa~
Minho : Mm~ Walk slowly (S/N : Be careful) ~

S/N : Please note that Key wasn’t there for the fansign

Source:늘비(naverblog) // KOR-CHI: Ring花椰菜 // shared : vanypinkk@soompi // CHI-ENG : soundtracklove@soompi

Kim Jonghyun , I personally see that he is not as muscular as what was like the many photos taken by the Korean Fansites. His body shape was really good, very handsome.

When I was standing in front of him, I spoke in Korean;
Me: Jonghyun ne~ Happy Birthday
Jonghyun (smiling with puppy eyes): Thank you

Then he looked at me while signing ..
At that moment, I really do not know what to tell him so I continue to look at him, but I felt like he was waiting for me to say something, so I decided to use English to tell him…

Me: Jonghyun ne~ I am from Taiwan.

In the end, Jonghyun was emotionless and look at me, he even said “huh?”
I felt so embarrassed and step back 2 steps, saying Thank you before moving on to Minho.

I guess we must really use Korean to convers with Jonghyun, because he really doesn’t understand English =______=”

Chinese - English Translations: _almightyblings
compiled&shared by: nuha^^jinki@MYJinki

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