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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

[FA] 120410 JongTae at HongKong

Jonghyun’s reaction after hearing the fans said “Happy Birthday”.

Kim Jonghyun passed by a seafood shop after the first segment filming ended and saw starfish for sale and said like “Woah this can be eaten!” or something similar to the Cody beside him, maybe his expression was a bit retarded, the cody….rolled her eyes…… manager hyung ignored him.
Credits: Pierrot_s_Rumor, translation: eimanjjong

Reach the airport Bring along the OIAM’s slogan towel

my phone doesn’t want to go to the internet Love you so much Kim Jonghyun! Totally don’t expect that you will hear me calling you and you turn around took OIAM’s slogan towel from my hand ! I’m totally stunned, Thank you Heroin sister for the towel
Credit: 夕灏
Translation : Forever_SHINee

Sweet Jonghyun is using OIAM site towel :)

While they are having dinner, jonghyun came out and make a call , and he keep turning round & round 

Credit: AJI
While official recording started , i admit that my board is bright

and Jonghyun took a pic of all the fans his happy expression

Credit: Pierrot_s_Rumor
Translation Forever_SHINee

The weather is good, Dolphin jump in the middle of the sea, Jonghyun scream, and he smiled to me . i was thinking, your expression is amazing
Credit Via: Pierrot_s_Rumor
Translation : Forever_SHINee
compiled and shared by: MYJinki

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