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Sunday, April 8, 2012

[FA] 120407 SHINee at Bangkok KMW

[Fanacc] Onew & Key @ Bangkok Korean Music Wave 120407 

Before SHINee went back to the main stage, our Leader Onew, he rolled up the Korea Flag which was in his hand cutely. He admired it for awhile before throwing it out the fans. He laughed a little at his silliness (cos the flag didn’t go very far xD) and went back to the main stage to join the rest of the boys. ♡ 

During the ending stage, I managed to squeeze and make my way to where SHINee were standing. When i arrived at that spot, Key was waving cutely! ^^ He noticed my board and he acknowledged it with a smile and had EYE CONTACT! :D kyaaaa! ♡ Thank you keybummie ^^ ♡ 

Credit: jasmineeetan & _almightyblings
compiled&shared by: nuha^^jinki@MYJinki

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