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Friday, April 13, 2012

[INFO] 120413 120413 SHINee recording for MBC Weekly Idol

*It will be an interesting show because SHINee has been listed many times in their ranking :

#1 Cross-dressing idol - Taemin
#3 Well-mannered idol - Onew
#4 Idol to do a duet with - Onew
#4 Fan-service idol - Jonghyun
#7 Cutest Idol/Pet - Taemin
#7 Luxurious branded goods - Key
#8 Umma's (Mum's) favourite - Onew
(Just to name a few.....)

This show is known for their low-budget props but fun and interesting games.
The MCs will pose challenging questions to their guest e.g. Question their height on their profile (Jonghyun beware! haha)
Many fans have been looking forward for SHINee's appearance in this show!

Images : Yinyuetae, EM_923, // Info, Reup : soundtracklove@soompi 

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