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Monday, April 2, 2012

[FA] 120402 Taemin at Immortal Song2 Recording(Last Taemin Performance)


1 - Taemin was the 2nd to perform today, (in) black leather jacket? He wore a black wife-beater! *sobbing* His dance was really neat, extremely extremely handsome TT TT and he sang really well!! The last ending dance is an explosion of charisma!!! Kid won the first PK match - with a score of 375!!! TT TT Little kid ah…*sobbing* I will miss you… 
*PK is when the two participant standing side to side and wait for who will be under the light for higher score

2 - *Sobbing*  Taemin won again! 2 wins in a row! He won ALi noona - ALi noona even played the piano!!! So when Taemin was on stage with ALi for PK, he mentioned that he wanted to play the piano too *sobbing* We also want to see you play the piano and sing on the stage *Sobbing* TT^TT

3 - I CANT LIVE!! 3 WINS IN A ROW !!!! He won LYN noona !!!!!!!!!!! Taemin !!!!!!!!

4 -Im Taekyung brought along many musical partners to sing - the effect for his performance was really good - and he won Taemin with a score of 395 votes. It’s the last time (performance)… a feeling of reluctance.. we feel that we still want to see so much more from you. To sing and play the piano - we hope we have the chance to see that in the future. Thank you for showing so many sides of you in this period of time. This is part of us growing, both you and us. Lastly, we hope you know that you are the best in our hearts.

Credits : // Translation : soundtracklove@soompi
shared by: nuha^^jinki@MYJinki

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