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Thursday, March 28, 2013

[TRANS] SHINee Tweets+Tweets MEntioned SHINee

@realjonghyun90: Did you sleep well? I missed you so much that I couldn't sleep at all. I spent the night up. Although my body is tired, my eyes are even clearer. I've already fallen deeply for you. Your pretty hair, your warm breath. I always want to open my eyes next to you.

: Aren't you dying of curiosity?? heh

@realjonghyun90: According to one research results, the calories from the food you eat after 12 o' clock disappears noticeably more than the calories from the food you ate before 12 o' clock. If you eat chicken and beer together, the calories are almost 0. On the small scale, you get a dieting effect, and on the large scale, you will see the effect of universal peace.

@realjonghyun90: The Butterfly Effect means that the small fluttering of the butterfly can create a large huricane. By putting chicken and beer together, you get a more optimistic effect that is larger than the Butterfly Effect, something you can see with your eyes. In other words, the effect that you get of losing weight and calling universal peace is called the Chicken-Beer effect.
Credits: realjonghyun90

[Photo] Kim Ji Hun’s Twitter Update 130326 - With Key @ Seoul Fashion Week: Song Hyemyung Dominic’s Way 
이틀연속 만난사이 ㅋ Key in the Dominic’s Way
[Translations]Met for 2 consecutive days ke Key in the Dominic’s Way
Credit: jiraishin99English Translations: Forever_SHINee[5]
130326 Kim Ji Hun’s Twitter Update: 
이틀연속 만난사이 ㅋ Key in the Dominic’s Way
TRANS:Met for 2 consecutive days Key in the Dominic’s Way 
Credit: jiraishin99

130326 Park Hyeong Seop’s Instagram Update:
이틀연속 응원 땡큐!
TRANS:2 consecutive days of support thank you’
P.S: Key went to support his Model friend again at Seoul Fashion Week: Song Hyemyung Dominic’s Way
Credit: hyeongseop

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