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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

[TRANS] 130313 SHINee Tweets+Tweet Mentioned SHINee

D-UNIT’s ME2DAY Update 130313 - with SHINee’s Minho

인녕하세요 진입니다!!! 오늘 드디어 샤이니에 민호선배님을 만났어요•_•!! 샤이니 선배님 1위 축하드려요!! 마지막 일위 푸쉬업세리머니 너무 멋있었어요!! 저희도 얼른 일위 세리머니를할수있는 날이 얼른왔으면좋겠어요 ㅎㅎ 샤이니선배님 화이팅! 디유닛 화이팅! 
Hello its Jin!!! Today I finally met SHINee’s Minho sunbae-nim •_•!! Congratulations SHINee sunbae-nim!! Lastly #1 push-up ceremony was so cool!! I hope we can acheive #1 one day too, if the day comes it’ll be great haha SHINee sunbae-nim fighting! D-Unit fighting!

Credit: D-Unit’s Me2dayEnglish Translations: Forever_SHINee [5]

SHINee’s back Today show champ found shining SHINee to post first again~ Today’s outfit!!? Intense red costume again without digestion problem shining-dol selca(?) revealed! Dont miss today’s Show Champion at 6pmkst

Credit: showchampion1
English Translation: Forever_SHINee [5]

Password reset email comes as usual~hehe

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